Pune is the fastest growing city in all types of industries and from a pretty long time Pune has become the best area to buy and invest in homes. Almost all the areas in Pune are developing rapidly, so choosing the best area for buying a home is a pretty confusing and hectic decision. So we have mapped out some factors or it can be considered as a buying process that will help you to select the area for buying a home or property in Pune.



Pune is a hub that connects to cities like Mumbai, Thane, Panvel, Lonavla, Baramati, Ahmednagar, Shirur, Satara, Sangli, etc. So it depends on you to which city you want to remain close. Those people, who live in Mumbai, prefer to buy properties in areas like TalegaonDabhade, Kamshet, Lonavala, etc.mostly the areas which are near to the highway.


Purpose of buying a home:

The third factor is the purpose of buying plots or flats whether you want to buy for investment, rental, or to make a home for living.


  • If you want to buy a home for living, then you must look after the priorities like your place of work and other civic facilities. For example: If your workplace is at Hinjewadi then you need to keep constraints in mind like traveling time and medium of traveling. In this case, you can buy home in a low budget at TalegaonDabhade, Dehuetc as they have good connectivity through the highway and it will take nearly 20 minutes to reach the office by road means and even Hinjewadihas got ample of options itself.


  • If you want to invest, then you must research weather the area is developing or already developed such as Metro, Mall, or IT Park MIDC. For example: If you buy properties near to developing areas your property has more possibility of an increase in value.


  • If you want to make income from rental, then you must look at property or flats near to colleges, IT companies, MIDC because the crowd nearby those areas is more and your flat will not be vacant at all. This will help you to gain more and more profit each year.


For example: If you buy property for the rental purposes at TalegaonDabhade then you must know that TalegaonDabhade has 3+ MIDC 35+ Colleges and many hospitals, similarly Akurdi and Ravet are famous for college students and working employees. Your property will always have demand because of college and nearby companies.


  • If you want to buy a second home, then go to the suburbs which are away from the city. Where it is quiet, has a good environment, less traffic, and pollution-free surroundings. For example: If you are Mumbaikar or Punekar then a suburb like Kamshet is the first priority where you can spend quality time with your family and get relaxed.



Budget for buying a home: 

The second most important factor for every buyer is budget. It is very important that one should define their budget and requirement of flat. Defining your budget and requirement will help you to make the buying decision easy.


Question yourself:

What is your budget and What type of a flat do you want to buy?


For example: If your budget is above 50 lakhs and you want to buy 1 BHK then you can go for the urbanized areas like Balewadi, Baner, Hinjewadi, Waked, etc. But if your budget is around 20 lakhs and you want a 1 BHK flat then you must go for the suburbs like TalegaonDabhade, Dehu, Kamshet, Punawale, etc. 

So, what and where you want to buy is very important for choosing an area.



You must also cross-check factors like income, self-funding, Loan Eligibility, etc. It is important that you should decide whether you want to buy a home on loan or self-funding. If you want to buy a home on a loan, then you must have a stable income. So before getting involved you must be sure about the decision because this is a major investment that will impact your lifestyle. You should take a lot of time searching online and offline about properties because making a decision in a hurry will cause long-term damage.


The above factors will help you to select the area in Pune city to buy properties, most of the confusion will be over if you look after your priorities and requirements for buying a property. The point is that investment should be done with a lot of thought and then it will lead you to the desired profit.