Very seldom do people continue trips or vacation during monsoon. Though the reason is understandable, as they say, every coin has its two sides, so does the season Monsoon! And if you would like to explore the opposite side of the coin then Monsoon is really the season to explore and luxuriate in nature's most scenic beauty! It can provide you with the most rewarding travel experiences of all! And if you are rain lover, then let Konkan be your next getaway this monsoon!



Konkan is amongst Maharashtra's splendid destinations to explore during monsoon. Monsoon weather here is refreshing and pleasantly cool. You can experience the brief drizzles of showers to some heavy rains, many lightning, and booming thunderstorms. The rivers, lakes, ponds are all full with soda water. This monsoon seasons rain makes the Konkan look more beautiful and charming and also make it the verdant green belt of Maharashtra.



Konkan being nested within the range of Sahyadri hills (Benevolent Mountains), offers you a number of the simplest hill stations around. Amboli and Matheran are the two major hill stations are. Taking a brief adventurous hike to the hills isn't a nasty idea as you'll witness some fluorescent greenery spreading across these majestic hills. Western Ghats exploring can offer you some of the tourism attraction and the uniqueness of nature sceneries with its own beauty! The lush green hills, valleys and therefore the forests wake up in rain. Alongside these ghats and hills, you can enjoy the cascading waterfalls. Waterfalls are in their full dynamism in monsoons. And there's no best season aside from monsoon to witness the grandeur of waterfalls at Konkan. Napne, Vajrai, and Marleshwar are some of the famous waterfall spots to get.



To add more to your delight and excitement is the Konkan Railways. Konkan Railway takes you across the western ghats supplying you with a number of the foremost stunning views of waterfalls, large green landscapes, rivers, streams, farms, and villages. You can experience the most amazing monsoon train journey at Konkan.



Konkan is also the destination of most beautiful beaches! This region is filled with vast coastal scenic stretches. Ganapatipule, Alibaug, Ratnagiri, Dapoli, and Malvan are a number of the beaches here that provide you an entirely different experience during monsoon. Dapoli being one the famous, is best referred to as a Mahableshwar of Konkan. With fine white sand covering, It has the longest beach stretch adorned. Kolthare beach, Ladghar Beach,Karde beach, and Murud beach are the most popular beaches of Dapoli.

 All these beaches are connected and adjacent to every other, making it an outsized coastal line stretched away during a distance as far as your eye can capture. You can sight some fishing activities of fishers around and may also enjoy some freshly prepared delicious seafood along the beach. All you've got to try to do is simply sit back and admire the breathtaking sights of heavenly dark clouds advancing and spreading over you!

Though there won't be much water sports here thanks to rains. But you'll definitely enjoy some lovely long walks across the beaches together with your loved one! Just slip in onto the beaches in sunny interludes and enjoy the enchanting sunrise and sunset. There are surely more ways to find joy in a monsoon at Konkan!


If you see today Konkan is booming into the Real Estate industry. As many of Buyers from Mumbai, Pune, etc are buying their second home in Konkan, homes which are nearby to the seashore, and also into nature’s womb. Greenery attracts many buyers for residential segments which come across to villages like Dapoli, Khed, etc. More than 1lakh buyers have shown their interest in Konkan Real estate in the last 2-3 years. Demand for Homes for a weekend is more as the place is surrounded by nature’s beauty, which can make someone forget their daily hustling life and also their daily busy schedule in the city of Mumbai and Pune. Many land projects, residential projects have been started, this creates a turning point for buying the homes which are ecofriendly.

Konkan Trails is one of the Best NA Plotting projects in Dapoli Konkan by Neuleaf Lifespace. It's a 51-acre themed village living, pristine surroundings, rich biodiversity & a lifestyle that draws from the good old days of your childhood.

It is located just 5 hours from Mumbai & Pune! which is set in the blissful destination of Konkan Dapoli.

Neuleaf Lifespace offering Plots in Konkan with Climate responsive architecture (CRA) with authentic Konkani interior design, that takes into account all the topography, altitude, climate, and many other geographical factors of the location.