Pune lands over the course of time have welcomed Real Estate Industry with open arms. Builders and developers have grabbed the opportunity and drive their creative ideas towards the suburbs of the city, thus beautiful area like Ravet, Kiwale, Punawale, Undri, and Talegaon has grown immensely and now public demands for flats, lands, row house and commercial shops have increased in that area.

While buying a home mainly the concern is on the location, the availability of amenities, civic facilities, etc. and Kiwale location has all the needful features and aspects that a person looks for before buying homes.

Best Connectivity and Locality:

Kiwale in few years has attracted realtors for constructing new projects. The major reason for that is its connectivity to the Pune – Bengaluru Highway and due to this, the vision of realtors has turned out pretty drastic. Kiwale is surrounded by Ravet, Hinjewadi Baner, Balewadi, Wakad, and Dehuroad localities and if you are from Pune then you know that Baner, Hinjewadi, and Wakad are the major IT Hub of Pune.

The locality of Kiwale is well connected to Mukai Chowk also known as Kiwale Bus Terminals. Kiwale bus terminals help you to connect to the whole of Pune city.

Also in nearby localities schools and colleges like DY Patil, JSPM, Indira College & Symbiosis make it easy for students to up-down daily.

So the investment done in Kiwale will never be at risk because the demand for rental homes by IT employees at Kiwale is never-ending.

Diversity and Options in Property:

Kiwale has a lot of types for home buying thus you can find commercial shops, residential apartments, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, rowhouses, duplex & premium homes. So this wide range of home types creates a space where you can look for homes in Kiwale irrespective of your class or standard of living.

Essential Facilities:

This area comes under PCMC so will not face any water and electricity issue, living at kiwale makes sure that you will remain hydrated and clean.

Mukai Chowk is considered a major point to find the daily required facilities and products. The area in Kiwale has grown and businessmen have flooded the place with daily essentials products. The new mall is almost only 500 meters away from Mukai Chowk, where you can find every kind of daily using product required for your family at home.

Comfortable Traveling:

The surrounding of Kiwale is clean and less populated so you will come across traffic never in this near current time. The roads are wide and well-constructed which passes all the daily crawlers easily without any obstacles.

Thus you will stay away from all the noise of traffic and undisturbed nights causes by traffic in the main city. So buying a home at Kiwale will make your night pleasant and will add comfort to your mind after returning home from work.

Environmental Edge:

Kiwale resides distant from all the polluted areas and is surrounded by the environmental features which make living here healthy. The air quality index of Kiwale is 150 which is much less than Pune city. As it has mountains around the location that are full of greenery and oxygen, it auto-create a natural ambiance which makes living a better experience.

Once this place was unknown in the city and nearly no one thought this place would turn out a treasure of the city.  People's behavior towards looking and buying property is changing, the buyer doesn’t want to live in the city where they get stuck and get depressed in the hectic life schedule of the city. Now, consumers are diverting towards the outskirts where they can spend life with less stress and can maintain their lifestyle appropriately.

So if you are from Pune and you want to buy a new home then you must consider Ravet and Kiwale Properties to spend your life with a great experience.


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