Pune is a metro city in India, becoming a hub of employment around the globe. The companies have attracted the crowd and now the population has increased into the core of the city. Now people are seeking new regions to live a peaceful life away from the noise of the city.

Everyone is searching for a life where you can sit and relax at your balcony and enjoy the view of nature.

Khed-Shivapur is the place of your dreams, which will mesmerize you with its natural beauty and peaceful surrounding.

Where is Khed-Shivapur?

Khed-Shivapur is located in the outer part of the Pune district, only 25 KM away from Pune in the western region of Maharashtra. Khed-Shivapur is away from the pollution of the city and has clean & healthy surroundings.

Good Connectivity:

It is strategically connected to Pune via Pune – Bangalore Highway, the PMT bus runs in Pune has a stop at Khed-Shivapur and the new on-going international airport of Purandar has increased the demands of plots in Khed-Shivapur.

Easy Access to Facilities:

As a growing suburb Khed-Shivapur has all the civic facilities like hospitals, schools, and markets. The infrastructure development in this area has increased the number of local shops and common outlets for the people.

Appreciation in Lands:

Khed-Shivapur lands are getting appreciated by 10 to 15 percent by every passing year, the location has grown gradually with respect to another region in Pune city. This has diverted the attention of investors towards plots of Khed-Shivapur.

Khed-Shivapur a Natural Beauty:

Khed-Shivapur is exceptionally beautiful when it comes to scenic views and pureness in the air, which makes you wanna stay there for your whole life. This untouched beauty has attracted a lot of investors from urban areas and the demand rose gradually because of its natural traits.

Near-by Picnic Spots:

Famous spots in Khed-Shivapur have attracted tourists from nearby cities to spend time with family and friends. Sinhagad is just 10 KMs away from the locality, this place continuously filled with tourists throughout the year. There many other tourists near-by like  Kondhanpur Temple, Kamar Ali Shah Darvesh Baba Dargah which is 700 years old & famous for the rock kept at the Dargah also suburb has many resorts, adventure sports, picnic spots, and outdoor activity that drive families here to enjoy this place.

Plots in Khed-Shivapur are fully developed or are in process of developing with a clear title and ready be handover to the buyers. So if you are thinking of investing in the current day whether it is for family, for long-term investment, or for high returns. The NA and agriculture plots of Khed-Shivapur are the perfect piece of land in the outskirts of Pune which can get you high returns on your investments.