According to the Grow Empire survey which has been going on from March. In which many of Real Estate industry people are involved. According to the survey till date, we have found out within 3 to 6 months buyers will return to the market.

Pune: In the next 3 to 6 months Home Buyers will return to the market. For better returns on investment, still, real estate is preferred. In this crucial situation also many home buyers are looking forward to investing in the Real estate market.

“This crucial situation we were under pressure and our team assumed that there will be less response from the buyers in the market, but unfortunately their situation is changing rapidly in a positive way. In the last 15 days, a positive result is visible. As well as there are many buyers who are enthusiastically looking forward to buying a home, but they are facing some financial issues or want to save their earnings in-case of financially uncertainty & for that as a Garve Group we are ready to support them, by various ways including Payment holidays. So hopefully the market will get more stable very soon.” said, Girish Gujarani, Sales Manager, Silver Treasure.

The survey was started at the end of April 2020 and still going on, the survey was done by sending the link to the Seller and getting their opinion about the real estate industry. Many of the sellers responded that many buyers will look for “Ready to Move in house”. While many sellers said, Buyer will look for the property where they can easily get connected with IT sectors and they can work from home.

“Grow Empire survey reports says, New home buyers will look the property in 3 to 6 months. But looking at the current situation, our team has been in touch with our Premium clients and had asked them for the response of the Current Market. We were shocked to know during this crucial situation also people are ready to invest in Ready to Move in Property. As well as this crucial situation has made this industry a setback, lots of change in consumer behavior has been found, also demand to own the new home which is secure and safe with surrounding,” Gaurav Khopkar, Marketing Director& Financial Advisor,, said.

Reason for returning of Home Buyer in Pune Real Estate Market

As many of us know Maharashtra Govt.has signed MOUs of Rs.16000 crore with the top 12 industries and companies, under the “Magnetic Maharashtra 2.0”. Automobile, Logistics, banking, etc are the sectors that are going to invest in Pune, Maharashtra. Said, officials of Maharashtra Govt.

Companies that are investing in the major locality of Pune.

1.Hengli Engineering from China to invest Rs.250 crore in Talegaon which will create 150 employment.

2.Ascendas Logistic Agency from Singapore to invest Rs.560 crore in Chakan & Talegaon, Pune.

3.Hiranandani Group from India to invest Rs.150 crore in Chakan & Talegaon, which will create 2500 employment.

4.EastEC Electronics system design from South Korea to invest Rs.120 crore in Pune which will create 1100 employment.

5.PMI Electro Mobility (Vehicle Agency) with Foton JV from China to invest Rs.1000 crore in Talegaon, which will create 1500 employment.

6.Rack Financial Institution knowledge Middle from Singapore to invest Rs.1500 crore in Hinjewadi.

7.Great Wall Motors from China to invest Rs.3770 crore in Talegaon which will create 2042 employment.


We hope this Funding/investment will boom the Maharashtra Economy. And also, the increase in Employment in the state.

Investment of the above companies in Pune, going to boom the Real Estate market of Pune. Keeping this in mind many Home Buyers are out in the Market for Investment in the Real Estate sector. Looking at this crucial situation many real estate sellers thought, buyers will buy the property after this pandemic. But, Homebuyers are out for buying a property in the Market.

Real Estate sector of the Pune seems to Boom, as the news of Investment is Spread in the Market. Locality like Chakan, Talegaon Dabhade, Hinjewadi, Wakad, Kamshet, Vadgaon, Pune, etc. Are major in demand among New Home Buyers.

Earlier Blog of “Talegaon Dabhade Going to Boom, As Top Companies are Investing” has cleared of the doubts in the market. And also covered up the real estate market of Talegaon Dabhade.

In this blog, we have covered up all the details of the Pune Real Estate Market, and How this Investment of Top companies will create high demand for the flats.