Know the Answerer of the above, have to know about the Festival of Gudi Padwa. & Why Peoples Are Buying Home on this auspicious Occasions?

Gudi Padva is a spring-time festival that marks the traditional new year for Hindus. It is celebrated in and near Maharashtra on the first day of the Chaitra month to mark the beginning of the New year according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar. Gudi Padwa, the most auspicious occasion.

The festival symbolizes the start of New Year as well as the beginning of the spring season. No wonder it is one of the 3 ½ most auspicious days in the Indian Lunar calendar. There can’t be an any better option to buy or book a home or land to celebrate and start a new year with new resolutions and new beginnings.

Apart from the mythological values of the day and the importance of the festival, the reason to buy or book your dream house is the various schemes and discounts offered by the builders and the banks too. This Gudi Padwa the Government has gifted people with a great budget by giving away lower GST over buying a house. To point out various reasons to buy a house here are few headers,

  1. Most awaited time for home-buyers:

Gudi Padwa is also the most awaited time for home-buyers looking at investing in property purchase for the first time rather than those who have been active in the market. “With an accelerated demand for affordable and premium projects and provisions such as conferring an infrastructure status to affordable projects.

  1. Sentiments and Emotions:

Customers have more sentiments and emotions attached towards property purchase as they are investing their life-Time savings into it.

“They already make up their minds to book their dream home on Grate Occasion like Gudi Padwa. Buyers wait for Gudi Padwa, as they know that builders will come up with new schemes. Since it is a buyer's market, developers are coming up with new offers.

  1. Lower interest rates:

This is for real. To boost the growth of the real-estate sector and make it a great reason for buying your dream houses. Many banks offer lower interest rates with many other offers like waiver on instalments, easy EMI facilities, and waiver on processing fee and documentation fees. These discounts make a huge difference in the amount hence giving a chance to save it for the future.

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  1. Eye-catching discounts:

Along with the banks, even the builders and developers provide discounts on the rate of the houses. Either the rates are lowered according to sq.ft. or on all over price. Here is another way of saving a good amount of your saving which you have been doing it for over decades. Addition to this they also provide customized and easy payment schemes.

  1. Ready position houses:

Most of the homes are ready to move in. As Gudi Padwa is one of the few auspicious occasions according to Indian calendar, many builders have aimed at completing the construction before the occasion so that you can step in into the new home on the eve of New Year. This helps you to make a quick n good decision at a great price along with a huge amount of money saved.

  1. Under Constructions Property and Plots:

As many home Buyers are Looking to Booking New Property. Gudi Padwa is one of the few auspicious occasions. Many builders have aimed that Starting new construction on the occasion so that you can step in into the new home on the eve of New Year.


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