Today, the state government has given great relief to the citizens living in the Gunthewari colony in many cities of Maharashtra. An important decision has been taken in the meeting of the state cabinet to regularize the Gunthewari scheme in the state till December 31, 2020.


The meeting was chaired by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. The Gunthewari Regularization Act was enacted by the state government in August 2001. Gunthewari schemes before January 1, 2001 were given the benefit. But lands that are under encroachment or in a specific area.


(Non-development areas, green areas, tourism areas, environmentally sensitive areas, areas of the Department of Defense, etc.) They could not avail the benefits of the scheme as per the law.


Although many Gunthewari areas in the state are regularized due to this act, regularization of some areas is still pending. So people have to face various difficulties. Taking all this into consideration, the government has decided to extend the date of implementation of this Act.


As per the decision of the state cabinet, those who have done gunthewari schemes till 31st December 2020, but have not been regularized, can avail the benefit of amendment in this act. No eligibility criteria or conditions have been changed.

There is good news for everyone. Millions of constructions in Gunthewari in the state will be regularized. The state cabinet meeting decided to regularize the construction in Gunthewari till December 31, 2020. Under this, constructions done without private land NA and without the approval of the plan will be regularized.


The Cabinet also decided to amend the Maharashtra Gunthewari Development Act to meet the shelter needs of the poor and common people.

Earlier, such constructions were regularized till 2001. Now, constructions will be regularized till December 2020.