An area of 6000 acres has been declared as an industrial area for MIDC in Talegaon Phase four in Maval Taluka. The land acquisition process for this phase four will begin soon. After Bangalore in the country, for the first time in Maharashtra, hardware industries are being set up in Talegaon phase four. Completely non-polluting industries will be set up in 6000 acres in Talegaon Phase four. Most of it will be from hardware and electronics companies. Considering the need for this industrial area, this lake city will be set up with the objective of creating world-class living facilities in the workplace.

The lake city will be built on more than two thousand acres of land near the Andhra Dam. For this, the remaining land will be acquired from the village of Nigde, Pavlewadi, Amble, and Kalhat in Talegaon phase four. The lake city will have all kinds of high-class development from international standard universities to golf clubs, hospitals. For this, MIDC has invited international tenders. Therefore, after Sahara City, Lavasa City, another Lake City will be set up in Pune.

Considering the need for industrial area, the creation of Lake City will be done in MIDC’s Talegaon Phase four in 6000 acres in 60 and 40 scale industrial and residential areas. Due to this, Lake City will be built on 2000 acres. It will have all the international standard facilities.

The Talegaon Dabhade Lake city will be:

- MIDC’s first experiment in the state.

- 2000 acres out of 6000 acres reserved for the residential area.

- Lake City in a very scenic area near Andhra Dam.

- International university from Golf Club in Lake City, Hospitals.

- The international tender for Lake City.

- Pune- City connected to Mumbai City.

- First Development of Industrial Area then Development of Lake City – One hundred percent Non-Polluted companies in Industrial Area.