Points to keep in minds before investing for retirements.

Source:Inside / Date: 2nd January 2020

Its common about thinking your future property requirements and housing needs are necessary. The Indian property market is trying to bring new housing projects for projects only for senior citizens especially. With the latest features likes Elevators, designed ramp walks, parks, senior citizen clubs, etc.  Rarely you can find retirement / senior citizen living community housing phenomenon.

Retire people always have a need for a home with huge space, yet the need for it hasn’t been completed by the general population. Mainly because people are very much attached to this retirement home, and above to plan to stay with “Joint Family” as per the system of a traditional Indian family. Anyways independent living is not any more welcoming concept in India.

Amenities for retirement housing project are different rather than other housing projects. Major of the services are the same such as laundry services, emergency medical care facilities, etc. This kind of project creates more values with the facilities like Transportation, Bus stop, railway station or airport.

Few Point to keep in mind before investing:-

  1. The location should be good where you can enjoy retirement life fully in nature’s womb. Free pollution atmosphere, medical facilities should be closeby, easy access to the main city, so can pick your relative or family member from a close location. Living in nature’s womb would also encourage to complete your hobbies like gardening etc.
  2. Balancing the cost and benefits together. Looking against the maintenance cost, daily living expenses, along with houser investment. Understand how will you manage these costs. The costs should provide you various benefits for a comfortable life ahead.
  3. Having a conversation with the people staying at the same location understanding the problems which will help you make many decisions before investing in retirement homes.
  4. Planning to invest in a future retirement home. Try to understand and calculate the decision on what should be done with your house. Investing now and earning capital at a lower cost, in fact, it shouldn’t even get involved in your daily expenses and retirement saving and not surfing from any cash problems in the future.
  5. Plan your future retirement investment and your future lifestyle with a good investment consultant in properties. Facilities and services which you are looking for are provided or you have to expense by it yourself.
  6. Before signing the paper, read the documents carefully. Take advice from a good consultant who is an expert in investment and ask him how he will help you. Have a look at all the legal titles, certificates, and agreements.
  7. In last remember to discuss the investment with your family and friends. 2-3 opinions are a must and analyze your situation from all viewpoints.

Investment for retirement homes has steadily risen in India, with different projects and retirement communities which are designed to meet the needs of retire people living.

Today’s Indian scenario for retirement homes & apartments for senior citizens is a rising phenomenon. Lifestyle has changed too many nuclear families, jobs, careers, family sentiments and looking forward to the needs like more open spaces, amidst nature, same age people and investing time and resources in choosing an after retirement home.


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