How Vastu tips for Kitchen can improve your family life?

The living room, bedroom, and kitchen are the three most important rooms in every home. Every room has its own particular roles to play. The kitchen is reserved for cooking food, the bedroom is for relaxing, and the living room is for spending quality time with your family. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the kitchen fresh and clean, invites God of fire towards home. God of the fire has the immense power to remove all the negative energies and bring luck to the home.

The kitchen room built on Vastu shastra keeps the family safe and happy. The kitchen according to Vastu is considered the source of bringing joy and happiness in the family. It helps in removing all the negative vibes and evil entities from the home. The rules of constructing and designing the kitchen on Vastu Shastra are beneficial for the family since historical times.

Why people should build a kitchen according to Vastu?

a. Vastu for the kitchen keeps health issues, illness, and accidental events away from
b. Vastu keeps relationships healthy within the family.
c. Vastu Shastra ensures that positive energy keeps lingering at home.
d. Vastu keeps financial losses like deterioration and bank corruption away from

Important Vastu tips for kitchen everyone should follow:

1. Location: The kitchen is considered the soul of the family and its location is the most important space of the home. It is placed in the right corner of the house which enhances the aura. According to the Vastu norms, the room should be in the south-east corner. The kitchen room in the south-east corner is best because all the elements are governed in the south-east corner. Another best option for placing the kitchen room is the corner to the north-west of the house.

2. Gas Stove placement: The gas stove is the most important appliance of the kitchen without it no food can be cooked. The gas stove is the place where all the food is being cooked, and Vastu guidelines suggest placing the gas stove in the south-east direction of the home. In this direction, the elements of fire exist and thus it is best to cook into the east side of the kitchen.

3. Taps and Sink Placement: Taps and sink are installed inside the kitchen for using the water. Water is used for cooking, washing, and cleaning of the utensils and kitchen platform. Installing taps and sinks towards the Northeast direction indicates the water flow and it should be away from the gas stove. As we know, water and fire are the opposite elements, and keeping them away from each other will save causing any disaster.

4. Refrigerator Placement: Refrigerator is modern-day equipment which was not available in historic times but now a day it is one of the important parts of the home. The refrigerator should be placed in the kitchen or outside the dining room or in the living area. If the refrigerator is in the kitchen then it should be in the south-west direction and a foot away from the floor. It should not be kept in the north-east direction as it becomes a kitchen hindrance.

5. Window and Exhaust Fans Placement: A window is installed in the room so that ventilation and flow of fresh air remain active. Exhaust fans and windows play a vital role in the kitchen to maintain freshness. The window is a must for ventilation and for a proper
breathable environment. Windows and exhaust fans should be on the east side of the kitchen and if the ventilators are installed in the kitchen then the south direction is best according to Vastu guidelines.

6. Electrical Appliances placement: Having a modular kitchen and electrical appliances like oven, induction cooker, coffee maker, etc. are the new trends of the kitchen. As these electrical appliances are used on a daily basis, placing them in south or south-east
the direction is the best option. Placing them towards the north-east direction is the best option according to the Vastu of the kitchen.

7. Storage Placement: Drawers and Cupboards are the storage compartments used for storing grains, spices, and keeping crockery, utensils, etc. The storage compartment should be in the western and southern directions. The direction to avoid in case of storage
compartments are east and north.

8. Drinking-Water Vessels: Drinking water vessels like a filter, RO, and earthen pot to northeast direction is guided by Vastu principles.

9. Floor: The kitchen floor and platform is the base of all the kitchen appliances and the kitchen itself. Floor features majorly affect the ambiance and energies according to the Vastu. The floor should be of mosaic, marble, and ceramic tiles which are always best and the
wooden floor in the kitchen should be avoided as they can cause hazards.

10. Color: According to Vastu of the kitchen should always have cleanliness and brightness. No dark colors like black and grey should be applied in the kitchen room because it generates and attracts negative energies into the family. The colors preferred should be vibrant and warm like red, yellow, green, rose, orange, etc. The blend of two colors can create magic in the kitchen for your home.

Things to avoid in the kitchen according to Vastu :

- The kitchen should not be directly under the puja room or temple. 

- Avoid constructing a kitchen near the bathroom or toilet.

- The gas stove should not be placed towards the entrance door of the kitchen.

- Avoid keeping waste material and unwanted items; it causes health issues for the family.

The health of the family is the foremost priority. So to follow the rules of Vastu Shastra to construct kitchen is very important.

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