Makar Sankranti is the most auspicious day and right time to Buy New Home!

As Indians, if we want to buy any new thing then the right time of buying is very important for us. And the start of New Year with the first festival of the year i.e. Makar Sankranti coming along together make it the best time to buy a new home for Indians. Since the beginning, Makar Sankranti is celebrated across the whole country; during this festival, people buy new jewellery and property to start the year with a good investment and gain prosperity throughout the year.

During the festive seasons from October till January builders and developers give huge discounts and offers on properties. So buyers stand on the profitable end if they go for buying a new property at this period of time.

As an auspicious occasion, businessmen consider this time a good opportunity to start or launch a new business in the market, similarly in the Real Estate Industry builders launch new residential projects around India. At the time of Makar Sankranti, you can observe a major rise in new real estate projects with attractive schemes which you should grab if you are looking for a new home to buy.

This spiritual period contains a special emotional connection with the people of India, as the tradition of buying new things from the past is followed because buying new things create new happy vibes among the family and make the environment of the family cheerful.

So don’t let this right time pass away and initiate to buy New Flats in Pune at this Makar Sankranti season.

May this celebration fills your existence with bunches of energy and excitement and assists you with getting satisfaction and thriving. Happy Makar Sankranti to all! Hope this festive season carries euphoria to you and your friends and family; and may every one of your desires work out this year. Happy Makar Sankranti!

Why Wakad is the next big thing in Pune Real Estate?

Wakad is located in the north-west direction outside Pune city, once upon a time, Wakad was a small village in the Pune city where all lands were agricultural lands until real estate saw the potential in lands of Wakad. The Wakad got attention when the village in the neighborhood (Hinjewadi) was getting developed.

Wakad started getting demand for residential apartments and commercial shops when IT hubs started around the region of Wakad village. The migration of the crowd gave a clear idea to developers and builders about the requirements of employees working in nearby IT hubs that in near soon future they will start looking for a home close to their working place.

Wakad has excellent connectivity with Pune city and the Mumbai-Pune express highway which makes it easy for people of Wakad to travel across the city. The regular travel means of bus and railways are near at the distance of 10 KM. Also to reach the airport of Pune it takes only 45 mins to ride from Wakad. The majorly connected areas to Wakad are Hinjewadi, Balewadi, Baner, Pimple-Saudagar, Tathawade, Thergaon.

The infrastructure and the civic amenities at waked will fulfill all your entertainment and basic needs that too with excellent quality. Wakad with amazing schools, colleges, hospitals, and commercial infra makes your lifestyle experience and standard of living uplifted & comfortable.


Why choose Wakad for a living?


If you are planning to buy a new home in Wakad then you are on your way to buy a home in the most growing area of Pune city. Wakad is getting enriched with real estate rapidly. Builders and developers here are focused to provide a quality lifestyle and convenience for their customers. Many new projects in Wakad are installed with new automated systems and new leisure facilities. So to choose Wakad for a living is a wise option for all those who are looking to buy a new home currently with a luxurious lifestyle.

Here is some of the project in Wakad you should go for your new home buying options:


Footfalls in the real estate industry are increasing post COVID-19

The Economy in all the industries has fallen due to COVID-19 but if you are from the real estate industry then you are already lucky in this current situation. Lucky because no one thought there would be any profit in properties for this year 2020 but as the year-end is near, footfalls in the Real estate industry have gained a peak.

The COVID-19 pandemic made things most difficult for buyers and sellers to reach out to each other in person. But this did not affect the booking of flats during the pandemic because the people who booked flats were updated about the real estate dynamics, they knew about the price drops in the property by builders and the reduction in stamp duty by Maharashtra Government.

During a pandemic, the potential buyers were already looking for properties but due to the pandemic, they never took a chance to visit properties physically because of social distancing & lockdown. The cold buyers over a period of lockdown realized the importance of having a home for their family and now they are eagerly looking for buying a new home.

Now, post-pandemic the number of home & property buyers has increased as compared to the expected number by builders and developers. This sudden increase in buyers came out as a shocker for the brokers, builders, and Real estate entities. The main reason builders are getting footfalls is because they focused on online engagement during the lockdown period and that smart move has gifted them gradually as the pandemic is on the verge of end. Those people who engaged with builders online obviously are now giving builders first priority to buy a new home.

It is a golden period where footfalls have increased, and to maintain this flow the Real estate agents and property marketers should constantly focus on their marketing and sales strategy to reach out towards potential buyers and as well as cold buyers Digitally and traditionally because this is the best opportunity where you can get your marketing results in terms of more footfalls and conversion.

Why people are buying ready to move flats in COVID-19 Pandemic 2020?

In 2020, the demand for ready to move properties has increased because of various different reasons. Mainly, due to the corona pandemic, people's interest is shifting towards ready-to-move homes drastically.

The number of ready to move apartments in the current real estate market is less than ready to move estimated homes in 2020. Also due to the demand for ready to move apartments buyers are paying more to own the property immediately.

The fall in home loan rates and reduction in stamp duty by Maharashtra Government has favored home buyers to go buying new homes and this opportunity has brought a major boost in the real estate market.

Those people who were living in rental homes during the pandemic have faced many difficulties and no one knows the importance of having a home better than them. So the demand to read to move flats is increasing and the extra benefit of no GST on ready to move flats make it easy to go for it.

The circumstances caused by the pandemic have increased the home demand among buyers. The pandemic has taught people the importance of having a home. Therefore buyers are looking for homes in greener spaces with less density of people to maintain social distance. The research on the vaccination of COVID-19 is still ongoing and no one knows if there would be another lockdown or how the situation may turn out afterward, so to own a physical asset like a home is the first priority for people and their family's safety.

Millennials are smart and know their need very specifically. Their focus is on making their lifestyle more healthy and safe in the coming ages. So people are looking to shift immediately into ready-to-move homes with natural surroundings that will help them to be health-conscious.

Even from an investment perspective, buyers should prefer ready to move property because it will be an immediate source of earning a good income. A few days of the year 2020 are passing the demand for new homes is increasing and the immediate solution for the demand of home buyers are ready to move homes.


Silver Treasure - Talegaon Dabhade

Snehangan Residency - Wakad

Olympia - Wakad


What new home buyers should do in the current COVID-19 outbreak?

Buying a dream home is a critical task for every new home buyer and due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, home-buying has become nearly an impossible task. If you seriously want to buy a new home then you must study thoroughly the factors and impacts of coronavirus on the Real Estate Industry.

Currently, the hot topic going around in the real estate industry is about the fall in property prices. Is it going to happen? Is it happening? Or it’s already down. To know these price dynamics a new buyer should keep looking for the options and stay in touch with regular government updates regarding the Real Estate Industry.

If you are looking to buy a new home urgently then you must make a quick decision regarding buying your home because in this current scenario of the 2020 pandemic the time zone until December is going to be the best time for buying a new home.

The builders have already reduced their prices to attract potential customers and builders have been successful in helping buyers. Also, the government of Maharashtra has reduced the stamp duty by 3% and on top of it, NARCEDO has declared zero stamp duty until December.

This is the best opportunity to book your new home because you will lose the burden of stamp duty from your shoulder and including that you can grab the festive or special offers from the builders. Thus booking a new home until December will save your money in lakhs.

On the other hand, some buyers are waiting for buying a new home to analyze the situation more and it may help in making decisions better. But our experts say waiting for too long can become more weight on your pocket because the prices are not be going to be dropped further by builders and developers more than the current time, so if you are waiting for the prices to drop then it might turn out a costly decision on your end.

So, according to the experts, if you want to buy a new home then the buyer should start searching for the property options immediately and book your new home until December because an opportunity like this is never going to come again anytime soon.