Why Navratri is the best time to buy a new home?

Navratri is a nine days festival celebrated across India with great enthusiasm. The festival is celebrated in the name of Goddess Durga. Navratri usually comes twice in a year, Chaitra Navratri is celebrated in the month of March-April and Shradiya Navratri in the month of October- November.

This is a period in which people purchase most of their valuable things and in the process of buying, the most important aspect is the time of buying it. Because according to Indian values you have to keep the astrological aspect in consideration while buying valuable things that matter to you a lot.

Also, builders and real estate developers during this period come up with special offers for buyers. (discounts, extra facilities, etc)

Spiritual Aspect and Auspicious period:

In India the home should be purchased on auspicious time which in Hindi terms is referred to as “Shubh Muhurta” and the nine days of Navratri are considered one of the most auspicious days in India.

As per common Indian belief, Dasham Dwar(ten doors of divinity) is open during the period of Navratri and any new initiative or venture is proved to be successful.

Market Aspect:

The demand for products and services during this auspicious period increases rapidly and this dynamic change is recognized by Real Estate providers. Thus the realtors do promote and advertise very aggressively with special discounts. As the offer is valid for only a short period of time therefore people rush in more for buying the product.

With the increase in the rush of prospective buyers, many developers launch new residential projects during Navratri. Navratri is the best time for builders to absorb the maximum benefits by offering new and different options for their customers.  

Discounts and Offers:

During Navratri, almost every developer and builder keeps offers & discounts on their properties. So if you are looking to buy properties then the season of Navratri is the best opportunity to buy or invest in a real estate property where you can avail maximum discounts and offers which are not available during the rest of the period of the year.

Benefits on Loan Rate:

Banks and financial companies offer discounts during Navratri. From the start of fees submission to administrative charges, there are many benefits you can avail during this season. A major discount is in the form of reduced interest rates and exciting home loan offers for home buyers.

Families Happiness:

The best feeling in the world is celebrating festivals with your family, it brings happiness to the family. So if you are thinking of buying a home then you should book it during Navratri and then you can easily settle in the new house until Diwali. A house full of happiness is the best possible gift you can give to your family, which will be an asset for your family in the future.


Buying a Home is a crucial decision for the whole family life. The timing of buying the home should be perfect because Shubh Muhurat matters a lot if it is a big investment. If you are buying a home for investment purposes or for a living then Navratri is the best time for buying a new home.

If you are from Pune then here are some of the famous projects you should go for buying.



Key skill sets to strengthen your selling in Real Estate Industry

Doesn’t it feel disheartening even after having excellent selling skills you fail in selling your real estate properties? Selling real estate is a tough task and it requires a certain set of skills to understand the customer and then convince them for buying. There is no such comparison of good or bad skills, it is just the way you apply your skills in different situations and that helps you to become an expert in selling.

Try always being distant from the mob mentality of the industry. Updating and polishing your strengths will close your deal faster and will help you to engage potential customers in the market.

But being too pushy with your strengths can reverse the action of selling and you may end up losing a potential customer. Following are some skills which you need to work on:-

1. Being Straight Forward – You should never fake your personality in front of the prospects and it creates a very bad impression. You should be honest with your customers that will create a positive impact on the customers. Sometimes being straight forward can put you in a situation of spreading the real fact among the customers. But it is always better to be open among the customer and letting them know everything, rather than hiding something from them.


2. Being Kind – Your kindness with the customer can help you to build a good relationship with the customers. Rapport building with the customer is a very crucial task and it takes time in the real estate industry. The perks of good rapport with the customer are that they refer you to their close ones which eventually brings you new business and if your customer is satisfied then for the next buying you will be his first consideration, which will generate repeat business for you.


3. Being Updated –Maintaining real estate daily news, current market trends, and keeping updated records of ongoing project details, etc. guides you in the selling process. If you have a big team then you need to keep your performance data updated, so that you can keep track of your performance and analyze it for better performance. Customers always respect and believe in the person who is updated and accurate about the daily activities in the real estate industry. Being updated will help you to convert the leads into customers.


4. Being Competitive – As the industry is growing the competition is increasing rapidly. If you want to be a successful seller then you always need to be competitive among the others. The real estate market is getting stronger and many intellectuals are getting into it. With the excellent skills of selling, negotiation, marketing, etc. In the current situation, you need to be in touch with other real estate developers and start absorbing skills from them. The best competitor the best you learn.


5. Being Assertive – Assertive means having or showing a confident and forceful personality. Being assertive is enthusiastic to develop you or to keep yourself motivated. This may or may not create clashes with others who are enthusiastic. Also, remember there is a very thin line between being assertive and being aggressive. Assertive behavior has a positive impact whereas aggression can put a negative impact on co-workers and in front of customers.

Never let your strengths become your weakness. In this competitive market, people may take advantage of your weakness for their means. The above points will help you to know how to maintain your strengths for being an expert in selling. If you want to grow your skills, or you want to be a good seller and want to stand out among others then you need to start working today on your skills. And never let your weakness overpower your strengths.

Sales Funnel in Real Estate Industry

Ask any sales person in the real estate industry what they do for sales?

Almost, the answer from everyone will be: We do follow-up for sales.

In Real Estate Industry it’s getting common!

A bitter truth is sales person have nothing new to do except taking follow-up but it is one of the most important parts of sales and cannot be ignored. It’s high time now that every sales person and owner in the real industry should focus on this sales funnel and start working accordingly.

Almost every builder now a day is struggling to sell their property, but in this process, they miss out on major parts of the sales process.

Every person in the sales industry understands the importance of sales funnel and its basic structure looks something like this.


Why having a sales funnel is so important?

For a sale to happen, having a sales funnel is first priority, let it be sales person or a company but without sales funnel you will reach no-where.

Sales funnel is where your prospective customers are during different stages of their decision making. 

This is a process in which you take the target audience through different stages so that hopefully they make their decision.

Sales FunnelThe three stages of Sales Funnel:

1). TOP STAGE (Awareness, Interest)

2). MIDDLE STAGE (Consideration, Intent and Evaluation)

3). BOTTOM STAGE (Decision)


1) Top stage of funnel (TOFU): Awareness and Interest

The first stage of the funnel is all about awareness and interest. In the beginning, buyers do not realize that buyers have to buy a product until the awareness is created and after that, they take interest in buying the product or property.  We at growempire.com take care of this stage for builders.

Awareness can be stated as “The first contact to your potential customers” and this creates the opportunity to tap into your future buyers.

This is a phase where customers are educated about the property, here the content is created and shared with customers that teach and guide them about the property. The content is shared in such a manner that doesn’t put pressure on buyers to buy the product, whereas it just taps into the buyer’s mind without directly pitching about the product or service.


2) Middle stage of Funnel (MOFU): Consideration, Intent and Evaluation.

This is the most important stage to convert a Lead for a sale.

At this stage, a sales person or builder has to work hard to engage the lead and create a relationship where buyers would consider him a trustworthy seller, after buyers’ consideration the next crucial part is the Intent of the buyer and at this stage, the buyer has already generated a strong feeling of buying the product.

The next stage buyer goes for is Evaluation in which the buyers start looking for available options. This stage is the most time consuming and sometimes it may take 20-40 days.

Sales person or builder has to make sure that they should not be too pushy before this stage as it might divert positive lead to a negation.


3) Bottom stage of Funnel (BOFU): Decision

At this stage, buyers are more prone to make the decision and purchase so your focus should be more towards selling. Giving them a reference, demos, comparison of prices and other examples tend to convert them mostly.

The last stage seems very simple because it's just the final closure of your hard work in the First and Middle Stage, which will get you the sales.


So Overall when you get around 100 leads then your actual sales might be around 1 or 2, this can be around 4 or 5 as well. The hard work you put in the First 2 stages will decide what will be the END RESULT.

It’s never the lead that gets you the sales; it’s the process through which it goes. Your Sales team and their follow-up will decide your sales.

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Why Residential and Land Plots in Khed-Shivapur are the best investment option?

Pune is a metro city in India, becoming a hub of employment around the globe. The companies have attracted the crowd and now the population has increased into the core of the city. Now people are seeking new regions to live a peaceful life away from the noise of the city.

Everyone is searching for a life where you can sit and relax at your balcony and enjoy the view of nature.

Khed-Shivapur is the place of your dreams, which will mesmerize you with its natural beauty and peaceful surrounding.

Where is Khed-Shivapur?

Khed-Shivapur is located in the outer part of the Pune district, only 25 KM away from Pune in the western region of Maharashtra. Khed-Shivapur is away from the pollution of the city and has clean & healthy surroundings.

Good Connectivity:

It is strategically connected to Pune via Pune – Bangalore Highway, the PMT bus runs in Pune has a stop at Khed-Shivapur and the new on-going international airport of Purandar has increased the demands of plots in Khed-Shivapur.

Easy Access to Facilities:

As a growing suburb Khed-Shivapur has all the civic facilities like hospitals, schools, and markets. The infrastructure development in this area has increased the number of local shops and common outlets for the people.

Appreciation in Lands:

Khed-Shivapur lands are getting appreciated by 10 to 15 percent by every passing year, the location has grown gradually with respect to another region in Pune city. This has diverted the attention of investors towards plots of Khed-Shivapur.

Khed-Shivapur a Natural Beauty:

Khed-Shivapur is exceptionally beautiful when it comes to scenic views and pureness in the air, which makes you wanna stay there for your whole life. This untouched beauty has attracted a lot of investors from urban areas and the demand rose gradually because of its natural traits.

Near-by Picnic Spots:

Famous spots in Khed-Shivapur have attracted tourists from nearby cities to spend time with family and friends. Sinhagad is just 10 KMs away from the locality, this place continuously filled with tourists throughout the year. There many other tourists near-by like  Kondhanpur Temple, Kamar Ali Shah Darvesh Baba Dargah which is 700 years old & famous for the rock kept at the Dargah also suburb has many resorts, adventure sports, picnic spots, and outdoor activity that drive families here to enjoy this place.

Plots in Khed-Shivapur are fully developed or are in process of developing with a clear title and ready be handover to the buyers. So if you are thinking of investing in the current day whether it is for family, for long-term investment, or for high returns. The NA and agriculture plots of Khed-Shivapur are the perfect piece of land in the outskirts of Pune which can get you high returns on your investments.



Should you repay the Home Loan Early?

Many borrowers have always wondered whether they should or should not repay their home loans early. Many home loan borrowers do not want to incur any debt burden on their head, so they focus on repaying the loan ahead of time. The following points should be considered before making a final decision in this regard

Availability of Money:

Before making a lump sum repayment of a home loan, you should estimate how much you will need in the near future and what financial obligations you have. This is because a large amount of money is required to repay a lump sum home loan. Even with this repayment, you may feel financially secure. And after repaying a home loan with a relatively low-interest rate, it may be time for you to take out a loan at a higher interest rate to meet other financial needs.

Keep Investing your EMI amount:

After a lump sum repayment of a home loan, you should plan to invest the same amount as the loan installment you are paying so far, otherwise, such amount should be spent on labor and other benefits.

Interest Rates on Home Loans:

If the interest rate on a home loan is relatively low, it is better to pay the loan regularly than to make a lump sum repayment. Similarly, if you have no plans for your investment in the near future, it is advisable to pay regular installments.

For example: If the amount of income you have left in the savings account after full repayment of the home loan is not appropriate. Therefore, the lump sum repayment period of a home loan should be thorough planning of future investments.

Income Tax Deduction:

Both home loan installments and interest are exempt from income tax. Therefore, individuals coming under the ambit of income tax should consider these issues before making a lump sum repayment of a home loan. The final decision should be made by comparing the income tax relief for the home loan children and the interest savings due to the lump sum repayment of the loan. Also, plan what you will do to save on income tax after repaying your home loan.

For example: As per the Income Tax Clause 80, the concession for interest on home loan will not be available next year, so other options should be considered.

Bank Fees:

The calculation of what charges the bank charges for a lump sum repayment of a home loan and how much financial burden it will incur on you should also be calculated before making a final decision.

The Balance of the Loan:

The amount of interest is very large in the initial period when repaying a home loan. In the latter case, the interest rate is relatively low. So it is important to keep in mind that your home loan is not worth the savings. Many borrowers have the mentality to assume that any debt is a big burden on their heads. However, with proper planning, it is beneficial to have a small amount of debt in your finances. Therefore, it is advisable to consider all the issues rose before making a lump sum repayment of a home loan