How to do customer engagement in Real Estate? And Why it is Important?

Everyone knows that interaction with customers or prospective lead is very important in the real estate sector, so how to make sure the customer is engaged to our brand and gets converted from a lead to a sale?

Many types of research across the real estate industry show that builders and real estate developers lose many clients because there is no follow-up or engagement from the sales team.

As per recent research almost 50% of real estate developers and agents loose potential lead due to the non-engagement of clients. Every inquiry plays a very important role in today’s world and proper interaction helps in building future property buyers.

It is very important to keep engagement with the leads because current leads can be your future buyers. Always keep in mind that there are a number of potential leads who are looking for property but not ready to buy, we can easily convert this Leads into customers by being interaction with them by utilizing various media platforms like, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Reminders calls, etc. These direct platforms can use to build strong relationships with the clients until they purchase.

If we take care of leads with proper engagement then those leads will be our Potential Clients, ignoring them can seriously affect your business.

Until a few years back, most buyers used to visit the actual site for details of the project. But with the advancement of technology, the mode of information collection has changed a lot. Presently all the buyers in the market are very well educated and they know how to collect information about the Property Seller or the Project information. It is very important to keep engagement with the clients because current clients can be your future buyers. Always keep in mind that there are a number of potential clients who are looking but not ready to buy, we can easily convert the clients into customers by being in touch with them.

Customer Engagement can happen via an online property portal like as these are one of the best platforms which can help you with the visibility of your projects and can also help you with the effective communication & Engagement with your clients with the help of a customer engagement program. These Portals help you in planning a proper engagement schedule so that a customer is not burdened with the same mode of engagement.

Which points should be kept in mind while Engaging Leads?

• What does customer engagement mean?

Lead Engagement, Lead Nurturing or Lead Interaction means the process which will help you to build strong relationships with Buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and help to your lead get more info about your Product. It’s the journey of your leads from Lead to Buyer. You should have a plan about how to engage your clients according to the current scenario.

• Elements for engagement of customers.

Purpose, Strategy, Effective Communication, Trust are some of the Important elements which can help you engage in your lead. Create a strong relationship with leads so they can understand value, importance, clear crystal info so they are able to trust you and be converted into sales.

• Setting Goals

The process of customer engagement always helps you to gets returns of investment in marketing. For that, you have to set Goals by study and analyze what you want to achieve? With the help of the lead engagement process with the objective of quantitative and qualitative terms.

Always provide value and try gaining their trust by educating them with the content, also pitch your product value with a good service so that the lead can easily get converted into a customer.  

• Selection of proper technology

Now, these days there are many ways which you can use to get in touch with your lead, and also measure tasks and plans. All Leads are not available on the same platform or using the same technology so according to that, you have used multiple platforms or technology to follow up your Leads.

Make yourself available for Leads, so they can get in touch with you whenever they want, by any platform which they are familiar with. You have to easy to access them offline or online whatever it can be. 

• Building List & Division of Data

As Many Real Estate Developers & Agents promoting their property various platforms and getting Valuable leads, Now Make a List of all your Leads and sort them by behavior Like their Requirements, Budget, Locations, etc., and according to list start to give them valuable information.  Furthermore, if you have a large number of leads list, take a look at the Leads you have and find out the use of useful patterns. Next Divide your Data into Different groups as required.

The division of the data will help you to reach your goals. As you divide the goals which you have set, you can handle the Leads personally. In addition to the stage of purchasing lifecycle, you can furtherly divide the leads into the geography, groups, and location, and also the behavior of the buyer.

• Engagement on Various Channel

TodayBuyers are digital user, Lead used various channels for getting information. It means as real estate developers or Agent you need to know the importance of the Customer Engagement on the website, with the help of retargeting the customers, using media, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, Telle-calling, etc.

• Analysis of Lead Engagement

In many ways, you can analyze the Lead engagement program and get the report of what can be improved and how? As well as what needs to be worked out. Tracking of lead engagement helps you to know whether the lead can get converted into a buyer. Lead Engagement tracking can be done by keeping daily updates of Example 1 Emails: which have been sent, delivered, open, read, respond. Also keeping updates. Example 2 What’s App Messages:  which are sent, delivered, read, replied.

In Analysis of Lead Engagement, you may not only ably find out which Way’s is useful and Fretful but also check results by Lead behavior. So, On the basis of Analysis, you will get a clear idea about your Lead Quality and Conversion ratio, and according to that, you can plan for your future marketing sales strategy.

The above point of Lead engagement will definitely help you to understand the purchasing of the lifecycle of the lead. Once you understand the importance of lead engagement you will also get to know the different behavior of lead.

Once you started with the engagement program with the leads you can easily monitor and also you can respond to the feedback –  it can also help you to collect the data which can be beneficial for you in the future, it also helps you to know the behavior of clients and the journey of the clients before buying during buying, and after buying. With the engagement program, you can give a boost to your business, and also it can help you to turn your existing customers as your advocate of the brand.

Vastu Shastra

To live a peaceful and happy life in the house, principles of the Vastu will help the house owner, with the architecture and design which are based on the directional course of action always relate to the Vastu. At the time of the construction of the home, offices, temples, or other building Vastu rules are been applied which helps to bring positive energy and general prosperity to the owner of the house. All is to consider, that while building your house or searching for a house you should remember all the tips.

Vastu for Master Bedroom

• South-west direction is always the best considerable place for Master Bedroom and north direction should be avoided.

• Mess-free be the bedroom, the place where your head will be placed while sleeping should be also mess-free.

• Towards the south any individual should place their head.

• Avoid below the beam place of the bed.

• Avoid the Bedroom corner as many individual tries to place the bed in the corner for charging point.

Vastu for Kitchen

• Kitchen Ideal location is Northwest corner. Southeast corner location of the house is best for the kitchen.

• With facing to the north and east all cooking should be done.

• For placing the refrigerator South, southeast, west, and northwest could be the ideal location.

• In the south-east corner of the house all kitchen appliances should be placed.

• Always try to keep the kitchen clean and very well equipped for the ventilation.

Vastu for Living Room

• North direction is the ideal location for the Living Room.

• Southeast direction should be avoided for placing the air-conditions, it should be placed in the west direction.

• For keeping the furniture south and west corner of the room is best.

• Even-numbered of chairs should be there in the dining room.

Vastu for Pooja Room

• For pooja room east, north or northeast is the best location.

• On ground floor pooja should be placed.

• One should avoid pooja room near to the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

• Distraction will cause if you keep torn images or broken idols in pooja room.

• For placing idols Northeast, east and west direction is always best.

Vastu for Children Room

• Blocking the flow of positive energy happens because of furniture sticking to the wall.

• In the northwest corner of the house children's rooms should be constructed.

• Mild yet cheerful colour scheme should be used in the children’s room.

• The child facing should be to the north, east and the northeastern corner of the corner, accordingly the study table should be placed.

Vastu for Bathroom

• Natural lighting and proper ventilation should be in the bathroom.

• Northwest direction is the best location for the Bathroom.

• Neatness and cleanness should be maintained in the bathroom.

• Good quality of bath and sanitary fitting should be done so that it can work smoothly for years. It also should be repaired immediately if it is broken.

• Bathroom door should be facing towards the eastern and northern wall.


How to manage finance for construction in real estate after lockdown?

Many constructions sites have been impacted by Covid-19 the situation, with social distancing and lockdown nationwide. It has been very difficult to get back to settle down the business post lockdown and also difficult to manage and operate the construction site during or after lockdown.

The main question is How to manage finance for construction in real estate after lockdown? Arranging finance for the ongoing construction site would be the most challenging situation.

Albert Einstein had once said that “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”. Most of the country is facing the difficulty of an enforced lockdown due to Covid-19. However, this also gives us the opportunity to determine ways to manage our finances better, which could be useful even after the end of this pandemic.

In this article, let's focus on the main part of problem Finance, without finance none of the businesses could run. Every construction site requires finance for purchasing raw material, wages of laborers, marketing, etc.

The following ways are the easiest to bring finance for the ongoing of the Construction site:

1. Finance from Investor
2. Getting a Bank Loan
3. Income from sales

1. Finance from Investor

An investor is a person who invests in your business to receive a certain amount of profit. The investor always looks for the best opportunities before investing, and generally, investor prefers less risk while investing.

Investor study all your Project perspective, returns, etc. He will only invest if he finds some profit aspects of your Project. He will always look for more returns than what he will invest. The amount of investment is used for further operations of the business or the continuation of the work. In case you looking for an investor for your business then you should prepare documents or Presentations that is necessary for Investor, documents should contain all the details of the ongoing Projects and how much percentage of the amount would be returned to the investor of what he has invested, or giving them a share from the profits.

Once you get the investor for your business, your major responsibility is to focus on the sales. Returns of the investor have to be given on time, whatever return amount or profile share has been discussed. In the current situation, you should assume the market, and accordingly, you should have a word with the investor about the returns from the Project. Anyhow you have to pay the returns to him according to the Term & Conditions.
Before finalizing anything review your Available options and Finalized whether equity or debt works best for you.

2. Getting a Bank Loan

When you as a Real estate developer and have insufficient Funds and doesn’t get an investor for the ongoing construction project, you may Apply for the Project Loan. Bank loans seriously can provide stability for continuation. The loan is provided by undergoing through all your construction business papers, in how much area the construction is been? Cost of property, whether you have a RERA approval for the construction project, etc. Papers of the project should be cleared for getting a getting business loan. The loan can be used according to the project whether it is residential or commercial and the loan is sanctioned under the project finance/loan department. The loan is valid until the project gets completed. The loan is only availed for the Real estate developer who has successfully completed the 3 years project continuously or as per Term & Conditions of Financial Institute. 

Below Few Documents are required for the Bank loan.

a. Application form and photograph
b. Address and identity proof
c. ITR of the last 3 years
d. The P & L, balance sheet of last 3years
e. Existence of business proof
f. Last 12 months Bank statement
g. Processing fees

Documents of property

a. Property paper which is relevant
b. Builder Profile
c. Real estate project report
d. Project valuation report

Depend on the valuation of the project the loan is been sanctioned. The loan amount should be paid with the EMI whenever the EMI starts. Even you can prepay the loan amount with the penalties stipulated. It almost takes 45days for the disbursement of the loan when the documentation is completed.
Once you get the bank loan, your responsibility is to pay the EMI or the interest of the bank on time. For paying it EMI on time you have to focus on sales. If you have a certain amount of cash then only you can pay the EMI or the Interest of the bank loan.

3. Income from Sales

As the construction site is ongoing, to get the finance you should focus on the selling part, which will help you. The income which you will get from sales will be your profit, due to which you will not have a headache of Interest, EMI, returns of investors, etc. This income will be yours with which you can roll up the money in your ongoing project.

Make sales faster you have to focus on a few things:

1. Proper Marketing Strategy
2. Build Strong Sales team
3. Close Deal effectively
4. Payment Collection

For reaching potential buyers, every real estate developer has a high demand for marketing. Each and every real estate developer has to importantly look for the marketing of the project. Project marketing should contain details of the project with the price and what is offered for the people. If you see there are tons of buyer in the market which is looking forward to buying a new home according to the budget, project marketing will help you to reach to buyers. You have to choose the right way for marketing for promoting your project with online marketing, offline marketing, etc. Which will help you to reach your targeted audience?

1. Making strategy for marketing

While selling your property, marketing strategy plays a very important role. Your marketing strategy should be strong and also very effective. The platform on where you promote your project is also an important part of your marketing. In this case, the Online property portal is the best platform for promoting your project. Because the online property portal has a large number of audiences which you can reach easily.

2. Build a strong Sales team

For selling your project your team plays an important role. The marketing person will help you to reach a targeted audience and generate Potential Enquiry. A salesperson will help you with selling the project. Relationship executive will help you to solve the problem of the customers. Strong sales team members are the backbones of the company. Qualified team members with skills are very much needed for the business.
As your business grows you will need for Strong sales Team. Always remember the more sales person you have, the more business you can generate. So, don't make the mistake of thinking you can grow your business without growing your sales force.

3. Closing Deal Effectively

Marketing strategy and your strong team will help for Closing the deal. You can give pre-offer for your customers or else you can give on the spot offer for your customers. This kind of offer attracts more customers to your project. The closing deal is the biggest task for every salesperson, for which the salesperson should know how to tackle and give an offer to the customer according to their so that the deal gets close. Henceforth try understanding the customers, their needs, their wants, and then tackle accordingly.

4. Payment collection

Once you successfully close the deal, you will get a certain amount of money for rolling up the business. For a collection of the payment, you should keep all the records of the transaction (or Use CMS or Customized Software to maintain your records as you per your process) which can help you to collect the remaining amount from various customers. If customers apply for the loan then you should get in touch with the bank and collect the money from them. Having the payment into your account would help you take major like marketing, offers for customers, etc.

Henceforth, if you are looking for an investor or getting a loan from a bank, focusing on selling the property which is ongoing can help you to get finance continuously, and will also, this finance will help you for continuous rolling of cash into your project. Remember Proper Planning will help to get more income from sales.

Post Property to Sell Faster 

Tips for Improving Property listing on the property portal

The reason behind you’re the property still begins unsold is your property is not been listen appropriately on the Property Portal, where the buyer and price of the property significantly plays an important role with sentiments. a leading online property portal in Pune can help to increase your property visibility and also help many potential customers to reach your property listing.

It is wrong something if your property is been in the market for a longer time. The reason might be the marketing or the visibility of your property or the price or the purchasers with low estimation costs which are kept away, there is also the possibility of poor introduction of your property, which makes it very difficult to reach the targeted audience. Due to which even if the property reaches the targeted audience, they might not get attracted to clicking or call.

Keeping in the mind about the high competition in the real estate market, posting/listing the property on the property portal will not be enough. All necessary details of the property should be mentioned so that buyer should be attracted and also the property exposure should be maximum. There is a high chance for property to get sold and if there is an increase in visibility of the property. Following are some of the point through which property visibility will increase and increase traffic to property listing:

Using Unique Content

Why use unique content? Because using unique content can attract more buyers to your property, as there are many other properties being posted on a property portal. Unique content always provides solutions to the client's problems, buyers always looks for uniqueness in the property while purchasing. It also helps to build trust with the clients by writing reviews of other buyers. Brand awareness also is increases with unique content.

The buyer who wants to purchase the property always go through the description and always look for something new, the description should contain all the information about the property with the price. Using unique content always helps you to your target audience and also will help you to get quality leads. After a few days try to updating your content of the property so that more customers get engage to your property.

Uploading Images:

Many buyers in the market will get serious about your property if you have uploaded the actual photos of your property. People only get attracted to the property with genuine pictures, so you should keep this in mind. Every Property Seller should click the photos of the property so that buyer can easily get an idea of the property. Elevation also should be uploaded with the pictures, due to which the buyer gets to know about the sizes of the rooms.

Property Sellers should always look forward to clicking and upload high-quality pictures of the Living room, kitchen, garden, bathroom, etc. High-quality images attract more buyers and also help them to know how the property actually looks. Before the photoshoot, you should clean the property area, in case If you have rented the property. A bunch free very much kept up condo requests more to the purchasers/occupants.

Property Sellers also should look forward to uploading the pictures of the street way or the way heading towards your property, so that the buyer can get to know the property location.

Virtual Tour / Video Tour creating allows Property Sellers to upload a short video of the property which covers all the area of the property. A virtual tour or video tour of the property can attract the buyer and also will help to increase the visibility on the web index. Property virtual tour or the video tour will give all the necessary information about the property also covering all nearby surrounding of property.

Property Seller should keep in mind about covering all the portion of the property and make it look more attractive while making the video. While uploading the video on the property portal you should keep in mind of using the rich titles keyword and also, write an attractive description with covering all the property points.

Adding Reviews

For real estate sector reviews play a very important role, reviews are another option through which buyers can keep trust on you. For the future buyer or the renters, the reviews will give positive confidence for buying or renting. Likewise, reviews of the previous buyers are also very important, nowadays people go through the reviews and get information about the property. If the new buyer is satisfied with the review then only, he will get back to you.  If you want to sell your property which been used by renters now, you should upload the video of the renter's review which will attract the buyer and will also create a positive impact on the property among the viewers.

Social Media

On each Social media platform, there is a huge number of audience-based. There are a number of buyers and the renter who look for property on social media at a lesser price or according to their budget. Posting your property on social media can help you to reach a number of buyers and also help to attract buyers and renters. Property Sellers can use it for selling the property, but don not overuse social media sites or clearly publicize. Because the crowd on social media is not.

Check Statistics & Updation

Property Seller should be in touch with the Property portal team and always ask for the guidance. They should also look for the statistics of the account and try working on it. Always update the status so that you can keep updated with your data. Update the responses of the leads whether they are interested or they are not interested.

Property Duplication

Property duplication can cause to lose a customer. Always Avoid posting the same property, it will confuse the viewers and also the buyer. A project with the same content or creating multiple logins with the same builder's name, will not help to reach your targeted audience. Many times Property Sellers post property several times to attract the buyers but they are losing the customers.


Home According to Vastu Shastra

"Home is the place your heart is" the colloquialism everyone knows about. However, in the wake of a monotonous day, every one of the individual needs is to return home. Regardless of what amount tiring the day is, how difficult and focusing on the work is, and unwind in light of the fact that this is the main spot where harmony stays. Be that as it may, once in a while when issues are round the corner, even the house resembles a jail to live, it turns into a spot where stress and tension take birth.

You might at a point have experienced cynicism encompassing the spot and it gets troublesome even to enter the spot? Obviously, everyone experiences these kinds of sentiments, once in a blue moon, this is the point at which one must change the vibrations of the house.

According to Hindu Mythology, Vastu Shastra has been one of the most remarkable customary frameworks which gets all the negative energies far from the body and environmental factors. With the indication standards of Vastu Shastra Numerous individuals put stock in building their places to keep the spot positive, amicable, and individuals cheerful and tranquil.

For a positive environment in your house follow the following Vastu tips for Home

1. Home should have Nameplate:

Each individual on this planet accompanies a name, this is the manner in which individuals distinguish one another. To recognize the proprietor of the house, a house must be with a nameplate so it gets simpler. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, having a nameplate before the house draws in positive energies, openings, and joy to the house that is the reason it is fundamental to have a nameplate for the house.

2. Divas and Lamps Lighting :

On the promising events like Diwali, every individual light the lamps and divas in a manner to annihilate all the antagonism from the house. So also, to help up the life and expel all the negative eyes from life, individual makes a propensity to help up Divas and Lamps each morning and night in the house or the overhang.

3. Where should be the Kitchen Placement

One of the significant rooms of the house is Kitchen. It is where food is prepared, and individuals from the house are taken care of. Southeast corner or northwest corner is the correct direction to place the kitchen to bring satisfaction in the house. Continuously, ensure that the oven is put in the south-east heading.

4. Why keep Lemons in front of Home

Numerous individuals have a propensity for balancing a lot of lemons before the house or keep lemons close to the passage. The principle motivation to keep lemons in the house is that it has the ability to get negative energies far from the house, spare the house from stink eyes, and purifies the spot. Cut one lemon and spot it in a glass of water and change the water each Saturday to shoo away negative energies. Play out this movement strictly consistently for the best outcomes.

5. Why do not keep Medicine in Kitchen?

Medicine is viewed as a fix to ailment however again it is an article no one needs to have. Medicine are things that everyone needs to dodge and keep up a separation. Reason medicine is constantly wanted to get prescriptions far from the kitchen because keeping medicine in the kitchen can confound the energies of the house. In any case, An individual can generally keep up a different cabinet in the space for meds or a crate of drugs in the pantry, not in the kitchen.

6. Key of life is meditation

Numerous holy people and otherworldly characters center around the intensity of reflection. They state reflection can do ponders throughout everyday life and it must be added to the way of life. Once more, every now and again ruminating in the house brings energy, frees the air from the house and imbues harmony and serenity to the psyche.

7. Why a bedroom with no mirror?

For the room Mirrors are significant, however, they additionally draw in disease, issue, and family disunities, in this manner stayed away from. Continuously drape reflects in the changing area or washroom rather than the room. On the off chance that there is a mirror in the room, ensure it is secured with drapery or material while dozing.

8. Why to place holy water in home?

One of the most perfect and holiest water present on the planet is Ganga Jal. Setting sacred water in dim and unused spots ward all the pessimism off yet additionally, to keep up the parity in the house, make a point to continue changing the blessed water after consistently.

9. Importance of using holy symbols?

Heavenly images are known as Holy which is as it should be. Regularly to keep the region positive individuals hand Swastik or Om in the house. Make a propensity for drawing Swastik or Om on the external side of the house, in the sanctuary, and close to the primary way to pull in riches, thriving, and satisfaction in the house.

10. Home wind chimes

Without a doubt, Wind Chimes are delightful and make mitigating sounds. Individuals love to hang wind tolls at the passage, and close to the windows, the tinkling ringers help in breaking the negative examples and facilitate the progression of positive vitality in the house the primary explanation for this.

11. Why performing puja in the house is important?

To acquire the energy of the house Puja, Homes and Mantras are intended. Performing Puja and recounting mantras each morning and night get all the negative energies far from the house. Performing Navagraha and Ganesh Puja in like clockwork keeps the Vastu Dosha away and acquires agreement with the family.

12. Why salt is used in the corner of the house?

Salt is known to be the all-inclusive healer that ingests negative energies. Try to put bowls of rock salt toward the sides of the house, to keep a beware of the negative energies. Likewise, continue changing the salt and clean the bowl after consistently or fifteen days.

By following the above tips strictly can help to bring congruity, belongingness, and harmony into the house. In this way, follow the tips and following a tiring and unpleasant day, return to a spot where love and inspiration are available.


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