Tips for Master Bedroom according to Vastu to Improve your Life

The master bedroom holds paramount importance in a home – a space for relaxation, extended hours of sleep, personal time, and moments shared with a life partner. In the ever-evolving realm of design preferences, people tend to align their bedrooms with contemporary fashion, individual tastes, and lifestyle choices. While homes today may be more compact, adhering to Vastu principles in the construction of the master bedroom is believed to bring about a harmonious blend of health, happiness, and prosperity.

With the increasing population, people have understood the importance of Vastu Shastra and people have started implementing it. People have started following certain rules and have kept many things in mind while building their bedroom.

Benefits of Vastu in the Master Bedroom:

  •    1. Positive Energy Attraction
  •    2. Balanced Energy Flow
  •    3. Increased Inflow of Wealth
  •    4. Strengthened Relationships
  •    5. Enhanced Family Bonds
  •    6. Promotes Peace of Mind
  •    7. Life Security

Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra

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Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra for the Master Bedroom:

1. Bedroom Placement According to Vastu:

The master bedroom should ideally be in the south-west direction of the house, preferably occupied by the head of the family. In larger homes, placing the master bedroom on the top floor is recommended, ensuring it is more spacious than other rooms.


2. Bed Placement in Bedroom According to Vastu:

A king-size bed is suitable for the master bedroom, placed against the south or west wall. This orientation ensures the head faces south or west while sleeping, promoting positive energy.


3. Body Direction While Sleeping:

  ▲  Legs to the East: Associated with growth, reputation, and prosperity.

  ▲  Legs to the West: Indicates a spiritual inclination and a peaceful life.

  ▲  Legs to the North: Brings prosperity and opulence.

  ▲  Avoid Southward Placement: May lead to unsettling dreams, mental tension, and anxiety.


4. Avoid Bedroom Corners:

Place the bed in the center of the room, adhering to Vastu principles. Avoid placing it in the corner, as it may be unsuitable.


5. Changing Room Direction:

Ensure changing rooms, washrooms, bathrooms, and dressers are located in the west or north side. The bathroom door should not directly face the bed.


6. Bedroom Entrance As Per Vastu:

Ideally, the entrance should be on the east, west, or north side, with a single door that opens and closes smoothly.


7. Avoid Certain Items:

Refrain from placing mirrors, televisions, laptops, or computers in the bedroom. No plants, fish tanks, or other life forms are recommended.


8. Décor and Colors:

Hang serene and auspicious paintings. Avoid violent or disturbing artworks. Opt for light and positive colors like grey, light rose, blue, and green.


9. Furniture Placement:

Place heavy wardrobes or cupboards on the southwestern wall for stability and aesthetics.


10. Bed Linen and Sheets:

Use fresh and clean bedsheets and linen in light shades to enhance the energy in the room.


11. Flowers and Plants:

Fresh flowers, especially money plants, can be beneficial. Choose vase colors wisely – red for warmth and yellow for wisdom.


By incorporating these Vastu principles into the design and arrangement of your master bedroom, you may experience improvements in relationships, finances, and overall well-being. Your bedroom is not just a space; it's where you unwind after a long day, and creating harmony in this space can positively impact your life.

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