Know the Tips for Pooja Room according to Vastu

In this world Prayers, Havens & Pooja always plays an important role. Making this world peaceful, preaching god, and to enlighten by bringing soul nearby. In this world, there are numerous types of problems which are faced by many individuals, for E.g. Financial, relationship issues, etc. As the problems start getting arising, every human start praying to god and ask for the solution. Likewise, the home is auspicious and lucky, due to to which pooja room is most important and necessity in which all family members can seat and pray and even meditate. Pooja is the room has many idols of god’s, flowers, candles, lights, diyas etc. which always bring positivity and make atmosphere holy. In olden days there were large rooms in which all the idols were supposed to keep, but nowadays people prefer a limited or small area for a pooja room in the house.

Do you know, If you place idols in the wrong place in the wrong manner, it can bring you bad luck? Have you heard about the proper way of placing the idol in the pooja room? Do you know about the right direction and placement for doing the construction of pooja room? Yes, exactly this is the few things which should be kept in mind to keep the house positive and attract the good vibrations. If the placement and directions are not followed, then there are chances of getting of misfortune.

Let’s go through some of the tips for Pooja Room according to the Vastu:

1. Pooja Room Location: north, east or northeast direction is the best location for pooja room. The importance of this location is the sun always rises from east and north direction, as the sun rays enter the room which is auspicious and sun god gives the blessings. As this location is peaceful and quiet which very important for prayers and meditation. If you want a big pooja room then It can be constructed in the centre of the house.

2. Room Placement: Pooja room should be on the 1st floor or other convenient room. But, according to Vastu the pooja room should be on the ground floor, not in the basement or on the first floor. The basement is a dark room, and praying to god in the darkroom is not a good option. Likewise having the pooja room on the first floor can create laziness, lethargy and inactivity which can be wrong. You should come to the ground for worshipping the god. If there is no place for construction then you can place a small temple to the north east direction, you should avoid the south direction as it is inauspicious.

3. Avoid places for Temple: In today’s scenario, the trend of placing a small temple other than big temple in the house is more. Near the temple, you should avoid the bedroom, kitchen and toilet. North direction in the living room can be the best place for the temple.

4. Idols placement: Major task is to keep the idols in the pooja room. Proper planning should do before placing the idols. Northeast, east and west direction is the best direction for the placement of idols according to the vastu. Idols should be places away from northside because the south side is the best worshipper which breaks the eats magnetic rule.

5. Torn Pictures and Avoid Idols: The rule is a rule which has to follow, whether it is a small temple or a big room temple. You should never keep torn images, broken idols as it will cause distraction in life. For a blissful room, you should keep the idols clean, new and together.

6. Idols should not face each other: Idols should not face each other. According to the Vastu, the idols should be placed facing each other so that the worshipper can see them and meditate properly.

7. Wall Distance: There should be an inch distance between the idols and the wall. It helps to increase the airflow, incense smoke and water in the room corner and positive energy is spread all the side of the place.

8. Candle and Lamp Placement: To call gods, lamp and candles are lightened into pooja rooms and praying god in a good manner. According to the Vastu in-front of the idols the lamp should be lightened.

9. Avoiding things: Avoiding dead people photo, bells, war images, dry flowers, rusted lamps and things which are negative. Avoiding the storage of money, items or jewels as it not a proper way to hide under the temples.

10. Offering food: While people pray in the temple, people always keep some food, prasad and sweets. As respect and gratitude towards god you should feed some food items. According to the Vastu keeping food in the front of the idol ss respect. Keeping food in front of them is easy to replace.

11. Items Place: Lamps, cotton, hold books, etc. To keep this thing the best place is the cupboard situated lower south-west wall.

So, having a temple in the house is very much important. You should construct a temple according to the Vastu which can welcome the positive energy, respect God, and gratitude the love.

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