Everyone knows that interaction with customers or prospective lead is very important in the real estate sector, so how to make sure the customer is engaged to our brand and gets converted from a lead to a sale?

Many types of research across the real estate industry show that builders and real estate developers lose many clients because there is no follow-up or engagement from the sales team.

As per recent research almost 50% of real estate developers and agents loose potential lead due to the non-engagement of clients. Every inquiry plays a very important role in today’s world and proper interaction helps in building future property buyers.

It is very important to keep engagement with the leads because current leads can be your future buyers. Always keep in mind that there are a number of potential leads who are looking for property but not ready to buy, we can easily convert this Leads into customers by being interaction with them by utilizing various media platforms like, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Reminders calls, etc. These direct platforms can use to build strong relationships with the clients until they purchase.

If we take care of leads with proper engagement then those leads will be our Potential Clients, ignoring them can seriously affect your business.

Until a few years back, most buyers used to visit the actual site for details of the project. But with the advancement of technology, the mode of information collection has changed a lot. Presently all the buyers in the market are very well educated and they know how to collect information about the Property Seller or the Project information. It is very important to keep engagement with the clients because current clients can be your future buyers. Always keep in mind that there are a number of potential clients who are looking but not ready to buy, we can easily convert the clients into customers by being in touch with them.

Customer Engagement can happen via an online property portal like Growempire.com as these are one of the best platforms which can help you with the visibility of your projects and can also help you with the effective communication & Engagement with your clients with the help of a customer engagement program. These Portals help you in planning a proper engagement schedule so that a customer is not burdened with the same mode of engagement.

Which points should be kept in mind while Engaging Leads?

• What does customer engagement mean?

Lead Engagement, Lead Nurturing or Lead Interaction means the process which will help you to build strong relationships with Buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and help to your lead get more info about your Product. It’s the journey of your leads from Lead to Buyer. You should have a plan about how to engage your clients according to the current scenario.

• Elements for engagement of customers.

Purpose, Strategy, Effective Communication, Trust are some of the Important elements which can help you engage in your lead. Create a strong relationship with leads so they can understand value, importance, clear crystal info so they are able to trust you and be converted into sales.

• Setting Goals

The process of customer engagement always helps you to gets returns of investment in marketing. For that, you have to set Goals by study and analyze what you want to achieve? With the help of the lead engagement process with the objective of quantitative and qualitative terms.

Always provide value and try gaining their trust by educating them with the content, also pitch your product value with a good service so that the lead can easily get converted into a customer.  

• Selection of proper technology

Now, these days there are many ways which you can use to get in touch with your lead, and also measure tasks and plans. All Leads are not available on the same platform or using the same technology so according to that, you have used multiple platforms or technology to follow up your Leads.

Make yourself available for Leads, so they can get in touch with you whenever they want, by any platform which they are familiar with. You have to easy to access them offline or online whatever it can be. 

• Building List & Division of Data

As Many Real Estate Developers & Agents promoting their property various platforms and getting Valuable leads, Now Make a List of all your Leads and sort them by behavior Like their Requirements, Budget, Locations, etc., and according to list start to give them valuable information.  Furthermore, if you have a large number of leads list, take a look at the Leads you have and find out the use of useful patterns. Next Divide your Data into Different groups as required.

The division of the data will help you to reach your goals. As you divide the goals which you have set, you can handle the Leads personally. In addition to the stage of purchasing lifecycle, you can furtherly divide the leads into the geography, groups, and location, and also the behavior of the buyer.

• Engagement on Various Channel

TodayBuyers are digital user, Lead used various channels for getting information. It means as real estate developers or Agent you need to know the importance of the Customer Engagement on the website, with the help of retargeting the customers, using media, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, Telle-calling, etc.

• Analysis of Lead Engagement

In many ways, you can analyze the Lead engagement program and get the report of what can be improved and how? As well as what needs to be worked out. Tracking of lead engagement helps you to know whether the lead can get converted into a buyer. Lead Engagement tracking can be done by keeping daily updates of Example 1 Emails: which have been sent, delivered, open, read, respond. Also keeping updates. Example 2 What’s App Messages:  which are sent, delivered, read, replied.

In Analysis of Lead Engagement, you may not only ably find out which Way’s is useful and Fretful but also check results by Lead behavior. So, On the basis of Analysis, you will get a clear idea about your Lead Quality and Conversion ratio, and according to that, you can plan for your future marketing sales strategy.

The above point of Lead engagement will definitely help you to understand the purchasing of the lifecycle of the lead. Once you understand the importance of lead engagement you will also get to know the different behavior of lead.

Once you started with the engagement program with the leads you can easily monitor and also you can respond to the feedback –  it can also help you to collect the data which can be beneficial for you in the future, it also helps you to know the behavior of clients and the journey of the clients before buying during buying, and after buying. With the engagement program, you can give a boost to your business, and also it can help you to turn your existing customers as your advocate of the brand.