To boost the on-hold projects in Maharashtra, the state government has declared that development work on lands of 3200 sq. ft. should proceed with development work without taking approval from the urban planning department; the motive is to speed up the development in rural Maharashtra announced by the Rural Development Minister Hasan Mushrif.


Before starting the development on lands measuring 1600 sq. ft. i.e. (150 sq. m.) owner should be ready with documents like land title, layout plans, buildings plan, survey maps, engineers certificate of consent and should submit at Gram Panchayat with concern fees. Then people of the village can proceed with the construction directly and will not require the commencement certificate for construction for plots measuring from 1600 sq. ft. to 3200 sq. ft.


Rural minister Mushrif said, “The construction will achieve progress which required approval from urban planner because gram panchayat doesn’t have to run after urban planner for the development approval".


But if your land measurement is more than 3200 sq. ft. then you will need permission from an urban planner for the construction. The new rule will not be applicable for the Ratnagiri district at present.


Let's hope this decision by the state government will enhance the development of the rural sector of Maharashtra.