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3 months extension for Project

3 months extension for Project Completion by MAHA ...

On 2nd April 2020 MAHA RERA announced the extension for Project completion for 3months. Whoever the completion date, the revised completion date, or the extended project completion date expires in or after March 15, 2020

Nationwide lockdown to stop the coronavirus from spreading in India has stopped the construction activity to a log halt, On 2nd April 2020 Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority, announced the completion deadlines with relaxation mode, it will help the state’s developer’s slowdown hit.

Henceforth the project which was supposed to complete by March 30th 2020 can complete their project by June 30-2020, as there will be no single penalty charged for delaying the project.

Deadline Extension announced by MAHA RERA

On 2nd April MAHA RERA announced for the extension of completion of the project which were supposed to complete by 30th march 2020. The extension date will be for 3month till 30th June 2020.

There will no single penalty will be charged for delaying the project completion. Even if you see the lockdown has been also affected on the supply chain for lack of construction material and workforce may also go back to their home states. Because of these circumstances, real estate project across Maharashtra will take some time to restart work, the MAHA RERA said in a statement.

MAHA RERA Move is welcome by Builders

As the COVID-19 hit the market many builders, as well as the developers, were panic for the completion of the project as well as the selling of the property. Because of MAHA RERA announcement for extensions for project completion will provide relief to many builders and developers in the market. Because of this extension period, the Home developers will get more quality time to complete the project and as well as they can get many quality customers.

The govt. is taking many major steps for this sector, during this lockdown period. Developers are hoping this crisis will get over soon, steps like MAHA RERA took can reduce the stress of the lockdown in a very short time.

What is the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA)

Pune Housing Inventory

Looking forward to a demand slowdown, builders with running projects in Pune, have been in under pressure from the last three years. There are many unsold properties in Pune due to the slowing of demand for new houses. With the impact of COVID-19, the impact is getting to this sector also the rising of unsold properties are also getting more. As you find the current scenario even after the lockdown I get over, activities gonna not get stable and which gonna cause delay for between 4 to 6 months at least.

As you can see MAHA RERA move cannot compensate the sector with the actual project delays which are like to witnesses, definitely it is a right decision in the right direction, which supports the real estate developers and the sector also.

Many developers say the authority should look for offering more relaxation period for the future, keeping in mind to the current COVID-19 situation. If MAHA RERA is taking care of the current time frame and deadlines of the projects. Developers says if there is any further crisis take place then MAHA RERA should take similar kind off action for the completion of the project.

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Selling a Property

Selling a Property...

1. Thinking while Selling Property

  • Planning while Selling Property

You should take some time to talk and think before you proceed towards the process to start for selling the property & you should think about the next step.

Summary you should know:

► You should have an idea of the value of the current market of your home before you start planning for sell. By researching online, you can get the idea, for the valuation of your property or by getting in touch with Property portals to advertise your property.
► You should always think about getting the best return on your property investment and get the best selling price.
► You should plan whether you gonna buy and sell the home at some time or selling the home and then waiting to buy the new property. You should understand the advantages and risks both.
► Examine how would you want to sell the property and when to decide the time constrains into the account.
► If your property is a part of the deceased estate, we should recommend you to talk to your lawyer.

  • Think for finance when selling Property

When you start planning for selling your property you will always need a budget with the number of costs, mostly if you are planning to buy any other property at the same time.

Summary you should know:

► You always bridge some finance which would be helpful if you planning to buy a new home before selling your property which you have now, likewise you should be always aware of the risk and costs.
► You need to pay the real estate agent’s commission from the deposit amount of purchase which buyer pays, the time you sign the purchase and sale agreement.
► On settlement day, the remaining amount is paid, it should be paid to the lawyer or the person who arranges the settlement.
► You should always check for if there is any tac should be pay while selling your property.
► While selling a property there are many costs which are added such as advertising, legal fees or moving expenses.

  • Build a Support Team while Selling Property

Process of selling property is very complicated. Because of which it is very important to have a good professional team for support while selling.

Summary you should know:

► Talking with the bank or the lender can be a good idea, there can be the implication to your lending if the property is sold.
► Before you decide to start selling your property, finding a lawyer or a legal advisor could be the best option. You can quickly sell your property if you have you the lawyer who can help you to understand the process and legal documents.
► Always find a property advertiser or the real estate agents who know the local market and property market locally.

2. Preparing to Sell Property

  • Preparing the property for selling

For making your home ready for sale, an Internet search will show you up the things which can help you. There are certain tips which we have collected for you.

Summary you should know:

► Thinking carefully for the major renovations. If you modernise the bathroom or kitchen, you may not get money back by tackling such big jobs. You should decide on a proper budget if you wish to go ahead.
► Majorly of the experts say there are many low costing activities like cleaning, touch-ups, repairs, etc. which can make a bigger difference when you make your present value for the sale of your home.
► Appealing streets is more important. You should make sure about the section whether it is inviting and tidy.
► You should understand everyone’s right and responsibilities, likewise, open communication is also required while selling a property.

  • Understand Property Selling Method

There are several methods of property selling. You should always understand the process of selling your property.

Summary you should know:

Property Advertising on property portal, price negotiation, direct selling, are some of the most common selling methods. These can of offer sales method would be commonly returning on purchase or sales agreement.
► Your lawyer or the advisor will talk to you about advertising property and getting leads. There are different agreements for property advertisement.
► In the method of property advertisement on the property portal. Buyer may get in touch with the seller directly and make many offers for purchase and sales agreement. You buyer can get the deal done.
► After the property advertisement, the buyer gets in touch with. And you tell the price of the property and the buyer will negotiate it. And after what you complete the sale.

  • Decide to sell property privately or by the agent.

Real Estate Agents always work for you, they know the neighbourhood very well and they know how to negotiate. Selling the property privately always save your commission, likewise, you should know what you do and about the risk factor.

Summary you should know:

► For selling a house, real estate agents are trained and have experienced. Real estate agents know the property market locally, and they know how to communicate and negotiate with the best possible price for the property.
► Each real estate agent has a professional license. Agents always work for you, the seller, and you have to pay a certain amount of commission which is a percentage based on the sales price.
► In case you want to sell your property privately. You need to list your property on the property portal, for which you don’t need to pay the commission.
► When a buyer gets in touch with you after seeing your property on the property portal, you have to show them property privately and always be in touch with them.
► You should always get the legal advice whether to sell the property with an agent or with a property portal.

  • Sell property after a natural disaster

You should understand the rights and obligations about selling the property after Natural Disaster.

Summary you should know:

► You should get legal advice and more clarification from the insurance provider before signing because there might be some conditions that could impact the sale.
► You should disclose all the important information about the property to the buyers.
► After completing the repairs., if there is an earthquake, then you should claim the EQC insurance to the buyer if possible.
► Repair the property, whichever part has been damaged under the insurance.

Sell Property | Post Property Ads for Sell in 4 Easy Step.

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Give your Retirement a kick st

Give your Retirement a kick start 20 years before ...

Retirement is something we all dream about and work towards from the first day at our job. It can be some of the best years of life with freedom from the bonds of a 9-5 job, allowing you to explore the world. However, your retirement can only be as good as you work for it in your younger years. The optimum age to retire would be from the late 50s to early 60s as that would give an individual 20-30 years to skillfully and successfully plan their retirement, while also enjoying their lives in their 20s and 30s. 


How to be financially stable after retirement?

Financial stability is a major concern for individuals dreaming of retirement. Unless you are running a corporation (even then), you need to put thought into your retirement savings. While many believe saving money in bank accounts, as a bond, etc., can build towards a retirement fund, real estate investment is a better option. 

Smart investment in properties in Pune or the stock market from an early stage, along with savings, can contribute a lot towards financial stability post-retirement. 


Why you should plan your retirement 20 years before retiring

Saving up enough money to make sure you have a blast post-retirement will take time, effort, and smart investment. When it comes to investing in Pune real estate, the earlier you start, the better. 

20 years before retirement is the optimum time to start thinking about retirement funds. Doing so gives you enough time to enjoy your life and plan the future of your loved ones while securing your retirement. 

If one of the ways you are securing your retirement plan is through mutual funds, insurance, fixed deposits, and savings accounts, you would need a minimum of 10 years of payment period to reap a significant amount during the maturing period. Therefore, planning for retirement 20 years before retiring is the best way to go. 


Smart plans to enjoy retirement.

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to do or how to do it. Here are some smart plans for you to enjoy your retirement:


  • Know your goals and expenses: One of the first steps of planning retirement funds is knowing what your goals are and expenses will be in the golden years. Accordingly, you can invest in real estate in Pune. When predicting your expenses, be sure to include medical emergencies, loved ones’ futures, etc., to avoid being blindsided. 


  • Learn about employers' retirement plans: Find out if your employer offers retirement plans or not. If they don’t, explore your pension options from private sectors. Many financial institutions today offer a variety of retirement plans for individuals.


  • Save and do not touch it: Saving a portion of your salary every month is one of the most fundamental ways to create a retirement fund. However, be sure to never withdraw from your retirement savings, for you will lose interest. 


  • Learn to invest: Investing your money into something that can give you long term dividends and returns is something you should be considering when planning your retirement. Learn the basics of real estate investment and diversify your portfolio over time to reduce the risk factor. 


Retirement- Property Investment

When it comes to investment, property or real estate is one of the most common choices. They involve moderate levels of risk but have the potential of providing a steady income in the future. One of the best places to invest in real estate in India is Pune. With its proximity to the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai, properties in Pune are in high demand. Moreover, Pune towns like Talegaon Dabhade are seeing a lot of investments in real estate. This is good news for property owners as they can easily reap benefits from the interest in Pune properties. 


Benefits of real estate investment

Low risk: After retirement, one generally needs low-risk investment options. While bank deposits are least risky, the returns are not comparable to real estate investment. Not only is investing in real estate less risky but also the returns from it are higher. Be it renting a house in Pune or a commercial space, there is a lot of monetary gains.

Diverse sources of income: Investment in real estate can diversify your portfolio. This means you can always rely on one source of income if the other does not pan out. After retirement, such a reliable source will come in handy. 


Here are a few tips to fuel your retirement plan with property investment: 


  • Buying and renting: One of the best ways to invest in property is by buying properties first, say in Talegaon Dabhade, and renting it out later. However, this would require a significant amount of upfront money and finding suitable tenants. 
  • Buying and selling: In this method, you buy the property and sell it to a third party. For instance, if you own land, say in Talegaon Dabhade, Pune, that interests a property builder, you can sell it to for an amount or in exchange for ownership of a flat in the constructed building. 
  • Fixing a house and selling: This is an option not many entertain due to the high risk involved and the need for a lot of cash. You can buy a house in Pune and renovate it before selling it or renting it out. The only way this option can bring you money is if your property is in a lucrative area. 


We all deserve a heavenly retirement, and it is in our hands to build the same. So, when are you starting to plan?

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Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu Tips for Kitchen...

Know the Few Vastu Tips for Kitchen to Improve your Life

Kitchen, Living room & Bedroom this are three important room in every house, doesn’t matter whether the house is big or small, whether it is furnished or not. Kitchen is for cooking food, the bedroom is for relaxing, and living room is for spending quality time with your family. Having a good well maintained, fresh and clean kitchen mostly attract fire god towards the house, Fire god has the strong power to kill/burn all the negativity and fulfil any lack inside the house. 

The kitchen made using vastu rule always bring wealth, health and luck inside the family. Kitchen vastu is the source which brings joy and happiness inside the family and burns all the negative vibes and evil from the house. The rules for constructing and designing the kitchen always made beneficial for the family from historical time.

Why people want to build the kitchen according to the Vastu?

•    Avoiding problems related to a health issue like death, illness, unwanted allergies, etc.
•    Staying away from financial losses like deterioration and bank corruption.
•    Stopping family crisis like separation, divorce, etc.


Let’s go through some of the tips for Kitchen according to the Vastu and invite God of fire inside the house:

1. Kitchen Location: - Kitchen is the soul of the family and an important part of the house. Kitchen is placed in the right corner of the house and has the power to enhance the aura. According to the vastu the kitchen should be to the south-east corner of the kitchen. As the corner to the south east is the best because in this corner all the elements are governed. Other then this South east corner is not available, another best option is the corner to the north west to the house.

2. Gas Stove placement: - Without a gas stove kitchen is not a kitchen. Kitchen is known as the place where the food is being cooked, and the best place to keep the stove is to the southeast direction of the house. In this direction, the elements of fire are placed because it is the best advice for coking to the east side of the kitchen.

3. Taps and Sink Placement: -Tap and sink are installed inside the kitchen for using the water for various purposes. Water is used for cooking, washing and cleaning of the utensils and dishes. Installing taps and sinks towards the North-east direction indicates the water flow and it is mostly away from the gas stove which is the best option. AS we all know water and fire are the important element and having them away from each other is the best option.

4. Refrigerator Placement: -Refrigerator can be placed in Kitchen our outside dining room or living area. If the refrigeration is in the kitchen then it should in the south west direction a foot away from the floor. Always avoid keeping it to the north east direction as it always becomes a kitchen hindrance.

5. Window and Exhaust Fans Placement: -Without window no room works. Exhaust fan and window always plays an important role in the kitchen. Kitchen window is must for ventilation and for breathable. Best placed for windows and exhaust fans is to the east side, and if the ventilators are installed then the south direction is the best.

6. Electrical Appliances placement: -Nowadays all modular kitchen has electrical appliances like oven, induction cooker, coffee maker etc. As this electrical play’s an important role in the kitchen, placing them in south or southeast direction could be the best option. Placing them towards the northeast direction will not be the best option.

7. Storage Placement: -Drawers and Cupboards always play an important role in storing grains, spices, etc. Keeping crockery, utensils, etc. should also have some space. For which western and southern can be always preferred. You should avoid the east and north side wall.

8. Drinking Water Vessels: -Placing filter, RO, earthen pot to north east direction is the best option. Most of the people use earthen pots, store water in bottles for their daily uses.

9. Kitchen Floor: -Kitchen floor plays a very important role for kitchen. As per vastu the kitchen floor should be of mosaic, marble and ceramic tiles which are always best for the kitchen. You should avoid using the wooden floor in the kitchen which is hazardous.

10. Kitchen Colour: -Kitchen must be clean, bright and spacious, it should always look fresh whenever a person comes to the kitchen. Kitchen colours always the biggest task for the family, colour change the whole look of the place. Black and grey dark colors should be avoided because it attracts negativity. You should always go for vibrant and warm colors like red, yellow, green, rose, orange, etc. The blending of two colors can create a magical kitchen for your home.

Avoid Things in Kitchen

The kitchen should not be directly under the pooja room or temple.

•  Avoid constructing kitchen under the bathroom and toilet.
•  The gas stove should avoid placing towards the entrance door.
•  Avoid keeping waste material and unwanted items in the kitchen, it causes health issue for the family.

The health of the family is more important so always follow the rule of vatu for kitchen and construct the Kitchen according to Vastu.

Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Tips for Master Bedroom

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