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Is Talegaon Dabhade the next r

Is Talegaon Dabhade the next residential hub of Pu...

Pune is a rather well-known and well-established city in Maharashtra, with a large population and considerable level of development. But as the population of the growing town becomes a problem that needs to be handled, there arises the need for more area for residential hubs. The real estate industry has begun to look towards neighbouring towns that have the potential to grow into a major residential centre.

Talegaon Dabhade is one such area that is developing rapidly. It is located in Mawal and is around 35 km away from the city of Pune.

  • Connectivity

It may seem like the town of Talegaon Dabhade is situated in a remote location compared to busier and more well-known trade and tourist centres like Mumbai. Still, the connectivity to this area has undergone much improvement lately. The Old Mumbai Pune Highway also runs through Talegaon, increasing its accessibility. Several express trains stop at this town, as it has excellent Railway stations. There are also several ST stands and frequent bus routes in this area, making it affordable to the general public.

Talegaon is just a drive of two hours away from Mumbai. Pune is even closer, as it only takes 45 minutes to travel there from Talegaon. For example:

  1. The New Ring Road


  • According to the construction plan, Talegaon Dabhade will be at a distance of 38 km from the highway, increasing its accessibility to the big cities.


  •   This will most definitely put Talegaon Dabhade in a position where it can become a prominent residential hub in the Pune region.


  1. IT Regions and Industries in Talegaon Dabhade
  •   The town of Talegaon is slowly emerging as a significant manufacturing hub in the state of Maharashtra.



  •   Other investors include Bajaj Auto General Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, L&T and many regional brands.


  •   The IT/BT park of Hinjewadi is quite close to Talegaon. It is just 24 km away if you take the NH48.

.    The  Talawade IT Park is also close by, at a distance of 15 km from Talegaon. The presence of such IT Parks increases the employment opportunities for the town.


  1. MIDC, Talegaon
  •   The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation is the first of its kind in the Pune region.


  •   It is a multimodal logistics park that takes up over 96 hectares dedicated to biotechnology and experimentation.

  • Social Infrastructure 

For the longest time, Talegaon Dabhade was secluded and remote. But it has seen slow yet successful trends of urbanization that have made it a good option for investment. A lot of the people who are settled locally are involved in tourism. As a town with much history, it has alluring spots like the Bhandara Hill Caves, Induri Fort etc. to attract tourists. The pleasant weather of the town and its distance from the main cities makes Talegaon a quieter tourist spot compared to others. Tourists are also offered homestays and affordable facilities, along with the option of buying several products that are indigenous to the Talegaon area. Most often, tourists who have come to visit Pune stop at Talegaon to see the historical sites.


  • Significant Reasons to Move Into This Town


  •   Talegaon is located at a reasonable distance from both Mumbai and Pune, both significant cities that residents will want access to.


  •   For people who would want to live in a quiet suburb compared to the bustling noise of the town, Talegaon Dabhade’s beautiful climate and temperament would be an ideal choice.



  •   There are many options available since many developers have recognized the potential the town of Talegaon has of being a residential hub.


  • Is it the Right Investment Choice?


  •   You can expect a good ROI in a short time if you invest in Talegaon. The real estate market in this area is growing quite fast, with many investors and young settlers looking towards it.


  •   The rates of residential plots, apartments complexes and houses in Talegaon are quite reasonable right now, but the prices are sure to hike up in a few years.


  •   The resale value will go up in a bit of time after the area blows up. You can always rent out the flats/plots/houses you have bought and reap enormous profits.


There are many new projects you can choose from that are progressing in this town. To help you choose from a plethora of options, companies like Grow Empire can be of great assistance. Grow Empire is a leading property portal that can help make your dreams in the real estate arena come true. It can help you with buying, selling and renting a property in and around Pune. Grow Empire can give you access to all the details you would need before going forward with your real estate investments.

With enough knowledge about the area, you can safely proceed with your purchase of residential properties in Talegaon Dabhade.

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Points to keep in minds before

Points to keep in minds before investing for retir...

Its common about thinking your future property requirements and housing needs are necessary. The Indian property market is trying to bring new housing projects for projects only for senior citizens especially. With the latest features likes Elevators, designed ramp walks, parks, senior citizen clubs, etc.  Rarely you can find retirement / senior citizen living community housing phenomenon.

Retire people always have a need for a home with huge space, yet the need for it hasn’t been completed by the general population. Mainly because people are very much attached to this retirement home, and above to plan to stay with “Joint Family” as per the system of a traditional Indian family. Anyways independent living is not any more welcoming concept in India.

Amenities for retirement housing project are different rather than other housing projects. Major of the services are the same such as laundry services, emergency medical care facilities, etc. This kind of project creates more values with the facilities like Transportation, Bus stop, railway station or airport.

Few Point to keep in mind before investing:-

  1. The location should be good where you can enjoy retirement life fully in nature’s womb. Free pollution atmosphere, medical facilities should be closeby, easy access to the main city, so can pick your relative or family member from a close location. Living in nature’s womb would also encourage to complete your hobbies like gardening etc.
  2. Balancing the cost and benefits together. Looking against the maintenance cost, daily living expenses, along with houser investment. Understand how will you manage these costs. The costs should provide you various benefits for a comfortable life ahead.
  3. Having a conversation with the people staying at the same location understanding the problems which will help you make many decisions before investing in retirement homes.
  4. Planning to invest in a future retirement home. Try to understand and calculate the decision on what should be done with your house. Investing now and earning capital at a lower cost, in fact, it shouldn’t even get involved in your daily expenses and retirement saving and not surfing from any cash problems in the future.
  5. Plan your future retirement investment and your future lifestyle with a good investment consultant in properties. Facilities and services which you are looking for are provided or you have to expense by it yourself.
  6. Before signing the paper, read the documents carefully. Take advice from a good consultant who is an expert in investment and ask him how he will help you. Have a look at all the legal titles, certificates, and agreements.
  7. In last remember to discuss the investment with your family and friends. 2-3 opinions are a must and analyze your situation from all viewpoints.

Investment for retirement homes has steadily risen in India, with different projects and retirement communities which are designed to meet the needs of retire people living.

Today’s Indian scenario for retirement homes & apartments for senior citizens is a rising phenomenon. Lifestyle has changed too many nuclear families, jobs, careers, family sentiments and looking forward to the needs like more open spaces, amidst nature, same age people and investing time and resources in choosing an after retirement home.


Checklist before going to Buy Property


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Vadagaon Maval-Talegaon Dabhad

Vadagaon Maval-Talegaon Dabhade most preferred loc...

Talegaon Dabhade - One of the most Preferred Location for Living as well as For Investment Purpose

Talegaon Dabhade is situated on Old Pune Mumbai Highway and well connected to Express Way, away from the city, and has excellent environmental attributes. It also has a tremendous potential market and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing townships near Pune.

In the past few years, there is massive development in its infrastructure has been observed. The roads, transport, and connectivity have all grown greatly. Several multinational companies are flourishing around due to its proximity to Mumbai attracting foreign investors These developments and growth is due to its proximity to Pune & Mumbai.

Not just that, it’s already on 2 proposed roads, one is 300 ft ring road and 120 ft DP road.

Another major benefit connectivity wise, is a link road from Talegaon to Hinjewadi & Talawade(both are 30- 40 mins away), the main IT hub of Pune. People working in these areas often choose to settle in Talegaon Dabhde due to its comparatively low real estate prices and the easy commute.

If you are looking to own 1 & 2 BHK in Talegaon or even want to invest, you should definitely visit 1 & 2 BHK  Residential Apartments by Mega Developers named "Maval Shades". The Project is well connected by Expressway, National Highway, Railway Station (Vadgaon & Talegaon), Schools, colleges, hospitals, markets & Banks.

Maval Shades Keeps you connected to both towns, Talegaon Dabhade & Vadgaon Maval.

The Project is one of the best Residential Project near Talegaon MIDC Road, it is well connected to Urse MIDC and Talegaon MIDC with 10-15 Min distance. As well as Very Close to Educational Institutions like Dr D. Y. Patil Institute Ambi campus and Varale Campus, Mimer medical college, Minerva College of Architecture, Nutan Maharashtra Vidhya Polytechnic, Poddar International School, Eden International School, Mount saint Ann Convent highschool, Rameshkumar Sawhney English Medium School Vadgaon.

Other Locations which are beautifully addressed by natures blessing & Historical Monuments Like Lonavala, Khandala, Pawana Dam, Bhusi dam, Ghoradeshwar Temple, shirgaon Pratishirdi, Shri Parshwa Pradnyalaya Jain Teerth, Lohgad fort, Visapur fort, Karla Caves, Rajmachi Fort and many more just 20-60 Min Away from your New Home "Maval Shades".

Current Offers:- 

Modular Kitchen, Rental Assurance till Possession, NO PIC & FRC
**Book your Flat Before 31st Dec 19 & Get A Chance to Win An 2 Wheeler Activa or i Phone 11.

Project is fully loaded with high-end amenities like the Club House, Gym,  Meditation Area, Temple, Indoor Games, Children’s Play Area and most of all Hill View Home And Ready Possession.

So Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of Maval Shades Family.

Talegaon Vaddgaon location is a vast reason for the boost in real estate since many people are investing here either to settle down or for the weekend/second homes. The locations offer flats, residential plots, houses and villas. You can choose the property according to your budget & requirements.

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security.”

To know more just have a look of Maval Shades

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Today Invest in affordable plo

Today Invest in affordable plots in Wagholi, Pune ...

When we consider investing as a way of saving for the future, we will find that there are plenty of options available in the market. With a maximum return to keep in mind, picking the right locality is very important when it comes to investing in plots. There is a good chance that the plot rate in Wagholi, Pune will shoot up in a few years, and you are sure to reap the benefits in the future.

Investing in plots in Wagholi is a clever move when it comes to real estate investment. The plot rate in Wagholi, Pune is reasonable these days, and it is a safe bet to assume that these will give great returns in the future. 

This is precisely why investing in plots in Wagholi is a good decision. The area is coming up in such a way that it will be a well-developed region with a lot of demand in a few years, when your resale value will sky-rocket, ensuring that you profit from your decision to be one step ahead of the results. When it comes to real estate, this ability to see far into the future and make the right choices is a very important skill. In this case, buying a plot in Wagholi will be that life-changing decision for you.

The rate at which Wagholi is developing has made real estate agents vouch for it as one of the best options to invest in when it comes to residential plots in Pune. There are several reasons for this, the predominant one being its affordability – the property is rated at around Rs. 400 per square feet, which is an amazing rate for a place so close to a big city like Pune. The place has amazing connectivity and is an excellent investment to those who want a life that is traffic-free and quiet, a place that is far away from the obnoxious city, but close enough to access necessary facilities. The infrastructure is pretty limited because the area still has problems when it comes to the water supply and the power connections. But the place is developing at lightning speed, with roads and flyovers coming up soon.

If you are on the look-out plots in Wagholi, Kavya Properties currently offers a bungalow residential farm size area called Om Sai Park. The area is well-settled, with the necessary facilities and amenities in and around the region. The plot is available from 4.50 Lacs onwards. The area that is up for sale is from 1000 sq ft. to 10000 sq ft. Kavya Properties offers a zero percent return on investment. It also offers the facility of EMI without interest.

Residential plots in Wagholi generally have good roads around them, ensuring that the transport in this area is great. This aids this are in developing further and can go a long way when reselling it in the future, especially if you buy a residential plot. The area has scope for progress, especially when it comes to the establishment of commercial spaces and small cottage industries. The large scale of the area is ideal for such investors, who intend to rent out their properties to others.

Grow Empire is a leading property portal that can help make your dreams in the real estate arena come true. Grow Empire provides all your real estate needs under one roof, offering you help with buying, selling and renting property in Pune, Maharashtra. The company can provide you with the locations of properties of great quality and interest. Grow Empire has a vast network of information on the real estate space and can give you the necessary details regarding your plot of interest in a crystal-clear manner.

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