What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra in literal terms is called the science of architecture. Vastu Shastra an Indian Science of home architecture that was developed thousands of years ago by ancient geniuses commonly known as Saints and Rishis.

Vastu Shastra is a science that has been carried on for centuries for the development of buildings, temples, houses, etc. Vastu Shastra eliminates negative vibes and enriches positive energy in a place, which allows individuals, families, or business people to become successful and do progress in his life.

Vastu Shastra plays a significant role in home life but from the past few decades, people are unaware of implementing Vastu rules at home and business place. Due to which people always face unexpected problems in business and in daily lifestyle.

History of Vastu Shastra

During ancient times, people believed that the home is the best living source for life and treated the beginning of ‘home construction’ as a ceremony which is also called the Bhoomi Poojan.

According to MATSYA PURAN, a man was born from Lord Shiva sweat when he was fighting with a demon. The man was hungry and cruel by behavior, he got boon from Lord Shiva to eat away all three worlds by practicing Tapasya.

After getting boon, soon he started possessing all three worlds. This frightened all celestial body Brahma, Shiva, and Rakshasas, they seized him and caught on hold. Since then he is surrounded by celestial beings and he was named the God of Vastu or Vastu Purush.

The Gods became the deity of the Vastu Purush’s particular body parts while they were holding him in chaos. Then he was told that he could tease people who will construct homes, buildings, temples against the rules of Vastu and devour, those who will construct inappropriate buildings. Everyone who will construct a home has to perform the ceremony of Homa. This made Vastu Purush Satisfied. Thus, since then everyone started following Vastu Shastra to construct the building.

Vastu Shastra says different directions of the houses have different importance.  God supervises Eshan in the Northeast direction which is best for the prayer room and Agni towards south-east directions which are best for the kitchen.

Vastu allocates various parts and activities to each part of a house, office, shop, etc. It helps to attract the power of nature and help the individual to achieve the goals in life easily and without efforts.

What are Panchamanabhutas and its five elements?

The basic principle of Vastu is based on the acceptance of the earth is a living organism. In this universe out of the nine planets only earth has the living organisms because of the presence of Panchamanabhutas which is known as Aakash, Vaayu, Agni, Jala, and Bhoomi.


► Aakash (Sky): Space which is never-ending and is beyond earth in which the entire Galaxy has its existence. The forces which have more impact are light, gravity, heat, waves, and magnetic field which provides shelter to the other four-element.


► Vaayu (Air): Earth consists of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, vaping of water, particles of dust, etc. which are important for living life. The health of a human directly depends on humidity, airflow, the temperature of the air, the pressure of air, and air composition.


► Agni (Fire): Heat and light are the essential elements of life for its existence. It represents day and night, energy, lighting. The energy, passion, and life exist because of the heat and light only.


► Jala (Water): Rainwater, seawater, river water. It is the form of solid and liquid and gas. Hydrogen and oxygen have the combination and it’s perfectly neutral. Each animal and plant has different compositions of water


► Bhumi (Earth):  Earth is the third planet nearest to the sun, the earth is a big magnet with north and south poles as the attraction of the center. Gravitational force and magnetic field have an effect on everything on planet earth. The rotation of its axis and revolutions around the sun brings day and night seasonal changes.


Why follow Vastu Norms while buying or constructing a new home?

People usually worry about location; amenities, space, and connectivity but forget to consider the most important aspect while buying a home i.e Vastu Shastra of home.

Keeping home Vastu compliant makes sure that you and your family will remain safe from uncertain situations. Vastu Shastra is a science-focused to engross the elements of the earth i.e. air, water, sun, and land, which builds a healthy and positive atmosphere around the home or surface area. It brings positive energy which creates balance and enhances the individual experience of living.

What are the benefits or advantages of Vastu Shastra?

All five elements are important for sustaining life on this planet. The interaction amongst elements cannot be seen as the place build by people to get against each other and create harmony and disharmony.

When disharmony occurs it should be restored accordingly to the harmony, to create a balanced life. Few key benefits are:





Vastu Shastra helps us to understand the actions and effects of the five-element and makes them useful for balancing life. Vastu helps us to make our life joyful and environment friendly to live in.

So, it is always important to follow the Vastu guidelines and rules before purchasing or constructing a new house. Vastu always changes the destiny of the individual for betterment.

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