Vastu Tips to build a bathroom and toilet at your home

The bathroom continues to be an indispensable part of home sweet home. Imagine a situation where you are stuck in a place without a proper bathroom and sanitation facilities?

It can be quite scary. There will be no space for you to take a long hot water shower, get cleaned up, or freshen up. There was a time when residents overlooked the importance of a proper bathroom and allowed a small section of the house for toilet purposes. However, times have now changed, and bathrooms have emerged as a necessity. 

On the other hand, let's discuss the importance of Vastu when you are making a new section in your home. The Vastu rules help to construct a bathroom that will be beneficial to your health. You see, building a bathroom is quite an investment in today's times when hardware and furniture have reached soaring prices. So, it seems a wise decision to consider Vastu and create something flawless. 

Have you considered the two primary reasons why Vastu plays a vital role?

People believe that the wrong direction incurs financial challenges and health issues for the family. Continue reading ahead to learn about the top Vastu tips for building a bathroom correctly. 

Why rooms should be separate?

Vastu believes that the toilet and the bathroom should be separate. Though this may take up more space than what most modern houses offer in the city, it is a long-term investment for good health and prosperity. 

Where bathroom should be located? 

The most important advantage of using Vastu to build a bathroom is that it gives you proper instructions regarding the direction you should pick. The right location can instantly imbibe optimism and good vibes into the house. If you are considering the best directions to build the bathroom, then you must make a note of the south, west, northwest, and southeast. However, please note that if your bathroom is towards the southwest or southeast directions, you must avoid the attached toilets. 

What should be the bathroom's level from the ground?

Vastu demands that you must ensure to build the toilet at least one to two feet higher from the ground. 

Get to know why different things in the bathroom need different directions according to Vastu

While you have not learned that the bathroom should be built in a specific direction, you should not forget the different items that you keep in the bathroom. Please, the WC or the water closet to the west, south, or northwest side of the west direction, to keep all the negative energy away from the toilet. Note that the north-east is not the right direction for the WC as it may attract negative vibrations. 

How about the toilet doors? 

Doors play a significant part in the construction because they decide your direction of entry and exit. The eastern or the northern wall sounds like the perfect place for the bathroom door. 

How seat should be aligned?

Always focus on the WC and its alignment. The direction it faces directly impacts your health. If you are a true believer of the Vastu, then you must keep it closest and aligned to the north-south axis. Also, remember to fix the pot in a manner that the person using it faces the west or the east. 

How to keep the toilet flooring?

The bathroom flooring must always slope towards the north or the east so that the collected water drains out in that direction. It is believed that it will drain out all the negative energies with the wastewater. 

Bathroom placement is a top concern.

The shower and taps should be placed towards the northern side of the wall. On the other hand, the mirror should be placed on the north or eastern side of the wall. Last but not least, the washbasin should be towards the north-eastern side. 

How the bathtub and geyser should be placed?

The bathroom is incomplete without a bathtub and geyser. But it can be quite confusing to decide their position. Vastu believes that the geyser should be in the southeast direction. This saves you ample space and proves to be a boon for your good health. On the other hand, the bathtub is best placed in the western direction. 

Why Proper ventilation is a prerequisite in the bathroom? 

It is always recommended to construct the bathroom well furnished and ventilated properly. Cleanse your body and allow fresh air to enter your bathroom space. Ventilators should be on the east, north, or west sides of the wall.  

Why bathroom lights are important? 

The bathroom must always have light color lights that absorb energy and help to maintain a positive outlook. Since shower time should relax the body, the lights help to cool down the mind and let go of all negativity. 

Where should be the septic tank?

The south does not feel the right direction for the septic tank. However, any other direction can work wonders. You can free to pick any side you want. 

Why drainage system is the bathroom's backbone?

The bathroom entirely depends on a sound drainage system. Otherwise, it can lead to clogging and waterlogging. The northeast direction is perfect for the drainage system. It makes the water flow easy and avoids any possibility of blocked pipes. 

Where should be the dressing area?

Though most people argue that the bathroom is only meant for showering and toilet uses, the dressing area is also an integral part. Right next to the bathroom, there must be a separate changing area. It should be in the west or south directions. 

What should you avoid while building a bathroom? 

- Do not place the water closed above the temple area, the bedroom, or the fireplace in your house. 

- The toilet should not be constructed in the northeast and southwest directions. 

- Vastu believes that you should not store water in the bathtub or bucket placed in the southwest or southeast directions. 

Everyone realizes that the bathroom and toilet areas are critical parts of the house. Block out negativity and transform your home in a pleasant place of love, good vibes, and hope by following the Vastu tips for the bathroom mentioned above.

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