The entrance of your home, office, or any building is crucial as it shapes the first impression. According to Vaastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, the main entrance significantly influences the flow of energy, affecting the health, wealth, prosperity, happiness, and luck of the inhabitants.

Importance of the Main Entrance in Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra emphasizes that the main door is the primary gateway for energy (Urja) to enter your space. A well-designed entrance can attract positive energy, while a poorly maintained one can invite negative vibes. Here's a guide to creating an entrance that aligns with Vaastu principles and ensures a welcoming atmosphere.

Key Vaastu Tips for the Main Entrance

  1. Clockwise Opening Door: Ensure the main door opens in a clockwise direction to promote progress and harmony among family members. An anti-clockwise opening is believed to slow down progress and create conflicts.

  2. Well-Lit Entrance: Keep the entrance well-lit to attract positive energy. A dark entrance is considered to invite negativity.

  3. Clean and Tidy Space: Maintain a neat and clutter-free entrance. Avoid placing dustbins near the main door as it can bring in negative energy.

  4. Smooth Functioning Door: Ensure the door opens and closes smoothly without creaking or getting stuck. A malfunctioning door may indicate feeling stuck or facing obstacles in life.

  5. No Wall Blocking the Entrance: There should be no wall directly in front of the main door inside the house as it can hinder progress and block opportunities.

  6. Inward Opening Door: The main door should open inwards into an open space, creating a welcoming and expansive feel.

  7. Auspicious Symbols: Decorate the entrance with auspicious symbols to enhance its inviting appearance and positive energy.

  8. No Cracks on the Door: Avoid having cracks on the main door as they are considered ominous in Vaastu Shastra.

  9. Shoe Storage: Keep shoes and footwear outside the main door in a closed cabinet. Piling up shoes at the entrance can bring in negative energy from the outside.

  10. Threshold: Have a threshold made of marble or wood at the main door to enhance its positive energy.

  11. Clean Doormat: Place a clean doormat at the entrance to welcome guests and keep the space tidy.


Following these Vaastu Shastra tips for your main entrance can help create a positive and inviting space. By ensuring a clean, well-lit, and well-maintained entrance, you can attract good energy and set the tone for a prosperous and harmonious living environment.

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